Stacking 117 objects on a Lego block, then knocking it over.

Artist Walter Wick stacks 117 objects on a single Lego block, then sends little wind-up creatures toward it to knock it over. Fun! (Via Gurney Journey)


  1. I can really appreciate this one. I am a stacking freak. I am frequently getting in trouble at bars for stacking bottles, chairs, and pint glasses. I also stack other people’s possessions when they aren’t looking.

  2. That’s awesome. Just fantastic. Reminds me of being little, building crazy elaborate things with blocks — and then getting to knock them all over at the end. Liking to knock them all over at the end. There’s a freedom in that I’ve missed.

  3. That was pretty damn awesome. I just wished they’d showed a bit more of the building process.
    A more traditional ‘time lapse’ video would have been awesome.

  4. Great concept, but he gives up after three wind-up toys and just chucks a ball at it? Wha? I was expecting, no, HOPING for a procession or more spectacularly a phalanx of wind-up toys… Here I thought Gen Y had a short attention span. .

  5. somebody send that man a high framerate camera…. I’d bet the fall-over sequence would be EPIC in widescreen at 600FPS+!!

  6. Walter Wick invented one of the most beautiful puzzles I’ve ever seen. It’s twelve photographs of a clock, taken at five-minute intervals; the object is to figure out what order they were taken in. The first mystery is that there only seem to be ten photographs; then you figure out that that what you’re looking at is the twelfth photograph, and it has the other eleven in it, so it must have been taken last. And you can’t see the eleventh photograph very well, because he’s taken a pair of scissors to it and cut out the clock from it, which explains why two of the photographs show the same time; one of them is actually a picture of the clock hidden behind the cut-out picture of the clock from the other. And so on.

  7. This is great… more, please!

    I really hope there’s video of the building process, as there is of the sequel (what we get here is quick cuts of seven stills [which looks like a typo for steven stills but isn’t]).

    That first lightning round is followed by actual on-the-scene real-time video of the cute little wind-up terrorists attacking the tower and (spoiler) bringing it down. I only wish we could have seen the building of this crazy wonderful thing in the same way. This way it feels a little… unbalanced?

    On the other hand, maybe he actually made the thing in 10 seconds…

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