Jim Muir benefit poster by Shepard Fairey and Glen E. Friedman


Artist Shepard Fairey and photographer Glen E. Friedman collaborated on the image above, adapted from a photograph Friedman took of legendary skateboarder Jim Muir. The poster goes on sale for $80 on November 19, in a limited edition of 450, signed and numbered by the artists and by Muir. A portion of proceeds will be used to pay Muir's medical bills -- he was badly injured in a surfing accident earlier this year.

Jim Muir Print (Obey Giant)


  1. I wish Jim Muir well. I know what it’s like to come to and not be able to move your legs; it’s terrifying. Thank you Shepard!!

      1. OK, just checked with the folks putting this together. I’m told that 100% of proceeds for the fine art piece will go to Muir’s expenses (will be sold at auction to the highest bidder) and proceeds from the posters will be split 3 ways between the artists and Muir. So: Muir will get more than 25% from the posters (probably closer to a third), and 100% from the fine art piece.

  2. @theawesomerobot, cheap shot and inaccurate. Fairey has been collaborating with photogs like Friedman for a long time.

    1. @Xeni Haha, oh yes – it certainly was a cheap shot, it was just too good an opportunity for heckling for me to pass up.

  3. As much as I love him and his picture…. too bad the picture is a bit too expensive for me at this time :(

  4. Know where I can get the poster when it goes on sale ? The post on Shepherd Fairy’s site says, “On Sale 11/19 at Random, $80, Limit 1.” I want it!

  5. Anyone know where I can get the print when it goes on sale ? Fairy’s site says, “On Sale 11/19 at Random, $80, Limit 1.”

  6. um, Xeni,
    theawesomerobot did indeed make a cheap shot.

    but cheap and funny as heck when you look
    at Fairey scrambling to find new counsel when
    his last lawyers ditched him because he
    admitted to perjury in his “fair use” case.

    And now, when his new Levi’s line is launching he gives some guy 25 whole percent of the money being made off these posters?

    Wow, real cool Shepard. Real real cool.

  7. The worst thing about Fairey’s Levi’s stuff is that he totally phoned it in. I’m not criticizing him for doing commercial work, they guy has bills to pay after all, but he simply took old work, and slapped the Levi’s logo on it.

    That’s just pathetic.

    Fairey is today’s Warhol. (That’s not a compliment.)

  8. Seriously, this is great. Fairey giving anything (let alone an even split between the three of them) to Muir on the posters. It will be more money than any other item that went up for sale in the benefit auction last August. Is it really anyone else’s business?
    As a friend of Jim’s I am very grateful to Shepard and Friedman for even thinking of doing this (and i know first hand, Jim is also.) He just needs some help to get through the period of not being able to go to work, his medical bills are paid by insurance he had with his union i believe, or some other source, he’s never complained of not being able to pay for his hospital stay. (Remember he’s got a rich little brother who leads Suicidal Tendencies as well.)
    These guys are being generous, the fact that you may buy one poster for $80 and these guys because of this move will be giving him over $5000 or maybe even closer $10,000, how the fuck are you going to harass them? get over yourselves, YOU DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR SOMEBODY TODAY.

  9. @Anonymous16
    Spot on! I’d buy you a beer if you weren’t so anonymous.

    I’m always surprised when people are shocked that the actual prosumer of the art is taking a percent for his labor. It’s generous enough to give of your time, but there are plenty of material costs on top of it.

    Not 2 days ago I just finished a very similar project – selling art prints to benefit the family of a friend who died earlier this year. In my case I took 0% but I’ll tell you unashamedly, even a small 5% might have been nice to help cover printing expenses… and if I ever end up participating in something like this again I’ll probably be tempted to arrange it.

    I’m sure Jim and his loved ones are psyched for the assistance and I’m sure everyone in on the project is aware of the numbers.

    Regarding Shep taking money for putting his designs on Levis: When you point a finger, you have 3 more pointing back at yourself. Perhaps you saintly altruists could share with us your secret to earning a living all the while working for free?

    It’s always non-artists who make the insane assumption that producing art is like turning a faucet of magical creativity… that it’s merely a charitable labor of love for the sake of the benefit of humanity. There’s a reason the results of an artist’s endeavors are called art”work” or a body of “work.”

    And just to bring things full circle, this poster is awesome!

  10. Y’know, this is the third time in only 12 hours (!!!) that I’ve been solicited to give some kind of charity/buy a benefit item to help cover the medical bills of an injured artist or performer (the other two were for an artist in Brooklyn with a chronic condition, and the other is for an artist/musician in Long Island City who literally had his face beaten to a pulp during a mugging).

    I’m just wondering…where are all the libertarian douchebags now, you know, the ones who say we don’t need any kind of national health insurance coverage because they’ll neeeeeeeeever get sick, and ALWAYS have the money on hand to pay for any kind of injury, even the types that require lifelong care afterwords and whose initial treatment can run into five digits?

    I’m surprised that there’s not more outrage over this sort of thing. Nobody should have to have a fucking celebrity bake sale to pay for medical care.

  11. Ah, see, there’s the rub.

    I am an artist, and I freely admit to getting ideas and influences from all kinds of places. There is little new under the sun.

    But I don’t lie under oath and begin a counter suit to muddy the water.

    And I certainly don’t send some other artist a cease and desist letter when he parodies my art (which btw is more clearly protected under law).

    As for me not giving anything? If I was making…

    wait…I’m starting to flame here.

    I apologize for ranting.

    I’m sorry Mr. Muir got hurt and heck, anything anybody does for him is better than nothing. Sadly I’m to broke right now to help (see bit about artist above) but i assure you, if I get a big commission soon I’ll totally throw him some cash.

    Get better man.

    1. @smonkey:

      Fairey encourages and even showcases parodies of his work on his web site. The problem he had with the guy he sent the C&D to was that the work in question was not obvious parody- any observer could have easily assumed it was one of the many “Obey Giant” variations created by Fairey himself.

      The “lying under oath” thing is a legitimate criticism though.

  12. Moderator note:

    I would deeply appreciate it if various and sundry of you would stop grinding your axes about Shepard Fairey when there’s a post involving a fundraiser. There are ample opportunities to express your opinions about his personal and professional issues. Doing it in this context is just mean-spirited.

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