USB grenade flash drive

200911171747 Do you think the TSA would let you past security with this USB memory stick in the shape of an itsy-bitsy grenade?


  1. Probably not. I was prevented (pre 9/11) from taking a glue “gun” on a plane at Midway. It bore more resemblance to a Jetson’s ray gun than any pistol I’ve ever seen.

  2. Not just the TSA. If you bring that thing to work, and someone spots it and calls security, you might be looking for a new job.

  3. Personally, I am waiting for the day when TSA confiscates photographs of handguns.

    “Because it might scare other passengers”

  4. Xeni:

    Do you think the TSA would let you past security with this USB memory stick in the shape of an itsy-bitsy grenade?

    Heh… it almost sounds a little bit like Xeni channeling Glenn Beck…

    “I mean, I’m not sayin’ you should take this USB grenade flash drive to the airport. I’m just askin’ questions.”


  5. Is it wrong to want a grenade that’s shaped like a flash drive? Or a pen! Three clicks to arm it, another three to disarm it!

  6. @Joe, I’m glad I don’t work where you do. If I brought that into my office everyone would be fighting over it.

    In fact… it may be a cool prize to drive motivation.

  7. Given that I’ve read about them having problems with tshirts that had pictures of guns on them… not a bloody chance.

  8. If someone made that question to a Gallup poll, 95% of the population will probably say “NO WAY!”, such is the joke that is the TSA.

    The song “Aquarela do Brasil” just started playing in my head.

    Brazil… hmmm hmm hmmm hmm!

  9. Well, yes the TSA is stupid – but I’d be willing to place a large bet on the chances of another traveler at an airport absolutely freaking out if they saw someone carrying this.

    So the stupid TSA is just keeping the stupid travelers from freaking out.

  10. This is awesome! Obviously you can’t bring this in an airport or plane, but the concept is cute.

  11. Obviously I’m counter to the herd on this one but why would anyone other than an eight year old boy want one of these? (maybe its all the inner eight year olds?)

  12. I suppose that unless you’re thoroughly familiar with authentic, state-of-the-art weapons and have a subscription to “Janes Defence Weekly”, you’re going to be just a little concerned about someone carrying this.

  13. My comment is the same as always .. . “If I can take over the cockpit with a , I can take over the cockpit without a .”

  14. seriously, if someone coulds take over a plane with a plastic grenade, a pair of tweezers or all that other completely harmless stuff we’re not allowed to take on board anymore they they deserve the plane

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