Video of artist Chris Piascik at work

A lovely video of Chris Piascik at work. "Chris explains that these doodles start with him randomly scribbling out a loopy pattern and then filling it in."

Watch Chris Piascik draw


  1. So what happens when HLS figures out all this “zombie apocolypse” is just underground training for taking back our country from capitalist crooks?

    oh..err..whoops. Sorry. My bad.

  2. Awesome to see Chris get some ink! I’ve been a fan since he was my student and T.A. way back in the day.

    1. R. Stevens – The piece actually only took about an hour beginning to end. Chris is an amazing artist. He can just see these shapes and almost immediately turn them into creatures/objects. It blew my mind working with him and seeing how fast his imagination worked.

    1. Um…. okay. I think you could just as well feature the countless doodles scrawled on so many Pee-Chees with this soundtrack and snappy editing and post effects and it would be at least as interesting.

      1. I am quite certain there was more than one book written about the civil war… trick is trying to write it from a different perspective. No one said either the director or artist were Copernicus, just two people who got together that love to make art. Personally, I don’t see the point in chastising/belittling it… though judging by most of your comments you frequently enjoy playing the “bad guy” in the “Leave a comment” section of many posts. Thanks for being that guy.

  3. the videographer, Stebs/Steve, is a freaking genius. always the dopest soundtracks and illest edits.
    chris piascik is also legendary ’round boston parts.
    great video!

  4. on the drawn! website it looks quite accessible for a common person eo emulate, here it has a slightly out of reach talent vibe, in the vimeo context it’s rather neutral. the german drawing video link in the comments section of the drawn! site is another take on this type of thing.

    i think the drawn! site would be the most overall encouraging and non-alienating context to inspire anyone to sit down and make lines.

    personally i’d avoid spending such a long time with mere sharpie ink, i’d even bring brush, inked rag, and color into it.

  5. Cool. I’m always happy to see how other people get the initial curves out onto the page.
    He seems to do it in a very slow, controlled and considered fashion. I prefer to ‘see’ the line from a pause at the end of the last one, then try to reflexively scrawl it down to remove the influence of any doubts I might have.
    The whole ‘getting the magic down’ and then constructing the contents around that composing tensor seems to have found a home with quite a few people.

  6. This has really inspired me. I didn’t thought of this way to work, ever, and I’ll be trying to do my own pieces.

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