MAKERS tour ends this weekend at Philcon near Philadelphia

This weekend, I'll be wrapping up my US/Canada tour for Makers, my new novel, with a weekend at Philcon, near Philadelphia. I'll be signing books, doing a reading, giving a speech, and appearing on several panels. Hope to see you there!

Important note: I had previously announced a couple of readings tomorrow at the Philadelphia Free Library. It turns out that these are not open to the public (they're for school groups, which no one told me until last night). Sorry about this, folks.

Philcon: Nov 20-22
The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, NJ

US/Canada Tour


  1. Man, what a bummer. I was hoping to stop by and get a copy signed and finally meet the legend.

    Guess I can save my weak phony excuse I was going to use to cut work for next next time you are in town.

  2. I know exactly how this happened. A few months ago:

    Publicist: … and we’d like to hold an author reading and signing. Is that OK?

    Free Library: Uh, sure.

    Last night:

    Publicist: … and is everything ready for Cory?

    Free Library: Uh… we don’t allow readings unless it’s for school groups.

    That said… you don’t *have* to give a reading, do you? You could just, y’know, stand around and chat, you just wanted to visit the library, and hey, you want a signature? Sure!

  3. Cory, it feels really weird to me that you will be appearing within walking distance to my home. A small part of me wants to invite you over for coffee or a place to crash, but that would be weird. I feel like the internet is invading my personal space. It feels good.

    Unfortunately, I should have checked your schedule sooner. $60 is a lot for me to put out right now. That makes me sad…

    Enjoy southern NJ. It is pretty bland as suburbs go but you will be EXTREMELY close to the home of the first drive in movie theater Also somewhat close to the old home of RCA and the headquarters of Campbell’s soup

    but that is about it… enjoy the weekend!

  4. I was really disappointed to find out that the Philly signing isn’t open to the public. I understand that you had no control over it, but I had to do a lot to switch my morning shift with an evening shift. Actually, feel free to stop by Barnes & Noble (store 2869) in Valley Forge. I’ll be working 6-11, and I’d treat you to a coffee. We sell books. It’s fun.

  5. Well hopefully you will be able to do a proper book store signing in the Philly area when you do a tour for FOR THE WIN.

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