Meow Mix

No non-Euclidean kittens are harmed in this video. Just your sanity. [Cyriak's YouTube Channel]


  1. My dog was mesmerized by this video. He thanks you, and wonders how the cats got into my computer. “Show yourselves, evil felines!” (translated from Barkanese)

  2. @technogeek: I didn’t even notice and had to replay.. nice!

    I honestly expected to be disappointed, with some sort of “jingle cats” style audio remix. But this is truly awesome. I’ll have to watch it sometime when I’m already in an altered headspace. (from lack of sleep, internet police…)

  3. What especially touched my heart about this video is I have two cats almost like that! ‘Cept kinda inverse, because I have a tiny tabby and a big black cat named Mr. Sushi — he’s very vocal and loves to give headbutts. Here’s Uni and me dancing:

    What also helped this video was that the musical arrangement wasn’t generic techno; despite the prevalence of electronic instruments, it got into some odd dissonance and diminished areas, and triumphs as a result.

  4. my (black!) cat was sleeping on my lap when i started this vid, and upon the first MEOW, he started up and looked around like he’d been poked with a needle. he lasted about 3 more meows in the room before he bolted, all the while looking around wildly. i couldn’t hold him longer than that. WHAT IS IN THAT VIDEO?

  5. The black kitteh looks an awful lot like my alpha, non-theiving kitteh.

    Now given all the interesting responses from home kittehs, I’m thinking I need to replay this for alpha when I get home to see if she boogies like the others.

  6. my cat, who usually does exactly what this video does to me all day, suddenly got quiet and stared at the computer screen in abject horror.

  7. I must disagree with many here. that was aweful. Like the sort of thing a late- 80’s homemade rap video might have.

  8. My beloved Peachy (resident Euclidean tabby) suddenly looked up from his nap, walked on over to the desk, looked at the speakers, looked at me, this “what the hell is going on here?” look on his face…

  9. Holy crap. My cat is so fascinated by this that I cannot even distract him with kitty treats. He is still looking for the musical cat. He seems to get more worried as more cats are added to the mix, so I just play him the beginning. I am trying to think of a way to use this new power, to somehow apply it to make our lives better. It will take some time, I think.

  10. It started a riot in my multi-cat household. Everybody started tearing around the living room, flipping out. With 7 cats, that’s a lot of angst.

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