Toy truck craps out domino runs

Brando's Auto Domino Building Truck is a battery-powered toy truck that shits bricks -- that is, it poops out dominos standing on end at the correct intervals to make a domino run. Or so the manufacturer says -- I haven't tried it yet. But I have a vision of setting this thing down at one end of an airport concourse and creating a mile-long run. I love that the dominos load in via a magazine that sticks out of the top like a banana-clip on an automatic rifle.

The Auto Domino Building Truck (via Red Ferret)


  1. The disappointing part of the truck is the small size of the clips. What you have to do is design a super clip for it and send it across the country.

  2. There was a toy from the early 90’s that did this as well, but it could only do straight lines. The great thing about that one was that its casing was transparent, so you could see how it worked


  3. As a child, I was disappointed so many times by automated toys that rarely lived up to their commercials. Looks neat, but I want to see this in action in the real world.

  4. This isn’t anything new. I had a Domino Rally set from Pressman Toys in the early 90s that included their “pathmaker” which was a slightly more compact version of this. I don’t think they make them any more, but it worked very well. There is a YouTube video of it at with bonus cat watching footage.

    1. Ugh, Domino Day sucks. Or at least their need to keep breaking their own records and their awful TV presentation sucks. The first problem makes them just make giant fields of thousand x thousand dominoes that fall down to reveal some sort of picture, neat, but for dominoes quite uncreative. The second makes them do stupid delay techniques like a slowly rotating ball on a tether that will only hit the next domino… right after these messages!

  5. Yeah, nothing new. I had one as a kid, maybe 15 years ago. The truck worked ok, but I remember that the “dominos” that came with it were super cheap and lightweight, and tipped over too easily to get anything particularly elaborate built. Or maybe I was just a clumsy kid, who knows.

  6. It’s not a banana clip because the magazine is straight. The term banana clip refers to a curved magazine.

  7. I ordered one. Always on the lookout for gifts for my niece, especially if they might drive my brother crazy.

    Looks like it ships from Hong Kong, so if anyone’s planning to order one for Christmas, do it now. They accept PayPal, which is nice.

  8. I remember therapeutically setting up dominoes as a kid, and the sense of accomplishment I had when I made it through my entire set! Yet another device to make our kids lazy? :)

    1. Agreed! Im told I was a bit impatient when I was younger. Setting up dominoes was good therapy – and a lot of fun. The effort I put into it equalled the satisfaction I got when I knocked them all over. This truck may seem clever to someone who never spent hours and hours devoted to a setup that would fall over in a just a minute.

  9. Now you’ve gone and done it. You’ve put the phrases “airp*rt c*nc*urse” and “aut*matic r1fle” in the same paragraph with the Domino Building Truck. Good luck ever taking this toy on an airpl^ne.

  10. This is extremely awesome. Im gonna get one and make my own mag that’l store loads and lodas of dominoes, probs in drum form, and send it on a quest to build some kind of epic domino run.

  11. I have one of these, not specifically this one from this company. But these have been around for YEARS in various incarnations and colour combinations.

  12. I remember a very similar toy from the late 90’s that was an accessory for use with “Domino Rally” dominoes sets. I think it was called the “domino dealer”.

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