Thus you shall go to the stars: Michæl Paukner


Sic itur ad astra = Latin for "thus you shall go to the stars". Yet another beautiful work from artist Michæl Paukner. "I used some scans of old astronomy maps from the 17th century," he says. You can buy prints of his work now! I want the Aztec Calendar print so bad. And Luna, too. I want every single one he's selling, but then I'll need to buy some more wall space, too.


  1. I used some scans of old astronomy maps from the 17th century..

    Yay for the Public Domain!

  2. The big question is “Are we alone?” Sure, I’m in my bedroom, sitting on my sofa, which does nothing for the health of my back by the way, and I am alone, but if we extend the realm of company to the cosmos then it becomes a more interesting question.

    Carl Sagan taught me (and by extension he taught you) that the cosmos is full beyond measure of elegant truths as well as the chemicals that we classify as the stuff of life. Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen; everything that is needed to produce tiny little BoingBoing commenters. One can only hope that they do right by their God and comment with insight (incite?) and good word form.

    Oh to be a bug on another planet wondering the same thing. I was thinking the same thing. (Editor: Repitition of the phrase “same thing”. Don’t do that.)

    Life on Mars? Why not? David Bowie seemed to think it was a possibility. I get all my advice from faded 70s rockers. What if life in our solar system began on Mars and it decided that Earth seemed more committed to a long-term relationship even though it was just saying that to get in life’s pants. It is possible, nay likely, that a dysfunctional relationship based on a lie caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the places that are mapped in these charts? And I don’t mean we go to the website that sells them (in euros no less.) No, I mean we should go to the Moon, and Mars, and the gas giants like your [redacted]. They won’t be using euros there.

  3. Hmm, celestial erotic art! I’m not sure that your average viewer would recognize this as the racy image it is (and if *you* don’t, shame on you!), but I love it.

    I’m going to scan his other images for hidden eroticism—this should be fun.

    ;) Dux

  4. My perfect date would make out with me in the “world is bound with secret knots” exhibit at the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

    That’s where the artwork led my mind anyway. Beautiful stuff.

  5. Ive got a blue stone chip version of the actual calendar on my wall. The instruction sheet is somewhere in a drawer too.

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