Tweeting While Incarcerated (TWI): Oscar-winning screenwriter/director Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction, Beowulf)

Oscar-winning writer/director Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction, Beowulf) is serving a year in prison for vehicular manslaughter and DWI. Apparently, he's tweeting from prison: @avary. I'm not sure how one tweets while incarcerated (TWI?) in the US, since internet access is not generally afforded to prisoners. Perhaps he's permitted a cellphone with a texting plan. Update: All is explained in the comments. (via Shane Nickerson)


  1. It says “from web” below each tweet, so he’s accessing the main Twitter site. If it was on a phone, it would say “from txt” and if he was accessing the site from a mobile it would say “from mobile web”.

  2. Killed one almost got his wife as well and still gets to tweet. Now that’s justice!

    (yeah yeah wife knew he was drunk so what,blah blah charities, asswit killed someone while drunk one year of part-time jail for the wealthy guy)

  3. I believe Antinous was referring to this link. Interesting in that link is that the cost would be somewhere around £250,000 per prison. Yet, a portable one from Ladyada is only $135. How many would they need? Maybe Limor should give them a call and swing them a deal.

  4. demidan:

    Yes, that is justice.

    Your comment illustrates why justice should be impartial.

    Also: My favourite line from David Lynch’s “Wild at Heart” is
    “I’m a manslaughterer, baby.”


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