Weird and lovely taxidermy from Jun Takahashi

Striking images from Jun Takahashi's "Undercover Grace" show in Tokyo.



  1. Putting the same photo beside itself does not make a stereo pair. I could make similar statments about “wierd” and “taxidermy” not making worthwhile art.

  2. @3 You’re right that puting the same image side by side does not make it stereoscopic, but I don’t think these are the same image. Cross your eyes and watch the image “pop” out at you.

  3. yeah! i wish more artists would post stereograms (for those of us with the knack born of years of molecular modeling)

  4. the cross-your-eyes-ery is exactly what reveals that this is not a stereogram.
    i wish it was, because this would be a good model for it.

    i poked around a bit at that flash site, but i wasn’t able to find this image, or any others like it. (and jamie doesn’t bother to include a useful link, either)

        1. It definitely appears 3D to me. It’s not a particularly dramatic effect, probably because the image is so monochromatic, but moving my head side to side confirms it.

  5. erszaten and I are right. No parallax, no stereogram. As if you held your finger over a distant object and quickly switched your view from one eye to the other, there should be a shift of what your finger covers in the background. Now, in the two photos, look at the tip of the smallest finger closest to you and the fold of the dress just behind it. It touches the exact same pixel of that dress detail in both photos. No shift, no parallax, no stereogram.

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