Keni Lee Burgess: The Art of Cigar Box Guitar

After posting his excellent series of instructional videos on YouTube for 3-string cigar box guitar, Keni Lee Burgess has started posting videos for the 4-string cigar box guitar.


  1. I am constantly amazed by the proliferation of this clever instrument as of recent, but am stymied that one of the, honestly, most popular builders of these instruments in ‘professional musician circles’ ala John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, Alain Johannes, PJ Harvey, Heart, and a couple of hundred others (seriously), goes overlooked. And seemingly, the creator of what most believe to be the’best in show’ isn’t concerned. Check into Los Angeles builder and luthier Matt Baratto. He is the originator of the ‘Cigfiddle’ and has been building these, by hand, since the early 90’s. as well as He also happens to do a tremendous amount of work for ALOT of famous guitarists, (as well as famous ‘luthiers’). He’ll make whatever you want!

  2. Your videos are the reason I started building cigar box guitars… I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this video your performance is terrific….. thanks again for another great video and doing what you do to help keep this music alive…Jim

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