The Matrix in LEGO

The Matrix is 10-years-old, and to celebrate Trevor Boyd and Steve Ilett recreated the iconic "Bullet Time" sequence out of LEGO. Their short film, titled "Trinity Help," is a frame-accurate stop-motion animation of the scene. It took them 440 hours to recreate the 44 second clip entirely "in camera." LegoMatrix


    1. Lego has been rife with weapons for at least a couple of decades… (probably all started with cutlasses for the pirates)

      Ain’t technology wonderful. Excellent animation folks. Very well done.

  1. It still cracks me up that this big ‘trailer moment’ of the movie features the hero falling over backwards onto his butt in fright.

  2. I like the fact that they recreated the original movie goof, with the missing guns at Neo’s feet during bullet time.

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