Happy 90th birthday, sf legend Frederik Pohl!


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  1. ttcfcl says:

    I can’t believe he’s still alive… which is awesome! Currently on book 2 of the Gateway Saga. Even though the first book is a giant emo-fest, it’s still really good (so were the two old school DOS games based off the books)

    Go Pohl!!

  2. ZDepthCharge says:

    Happy Birthday Sir. For those interested, his blog is well worth a read:


  3. Saskplanner says:

    Happy Birthday indeed! Terrific writer who was one of the first SF writers I started reading in the 60s. Met him at Iquanacon 2 in Phoenix the year he won best novel for “Gateway”

    Hope you have many more.

  4. seanjjordan says:

    The Space Merchants (co-written with the great C.M. Kornbluth) is one of my favorite sci-fi books of all time. It’s eerie how accurate it was — probably moreso than any sci-fi novel of its time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ah yes, some of us actually are old enough to have had our minds changed by this man!

    Thanks for the memories.

  6. Fred H says:

    The Coming of the Quantum Cats. Good stuff.

  7. Bill Higgins-- Beam Jockey says:

    In suggesting this, did I enter a link to my own blog as the URL?

    Sorry, I meant to link to Fred Pohl’s blog, as ZDepthCharge did in comment #4. In particular, people are leaving greetings as comments to the birthday entry.

    (Visitors to my Livejournal, to which Cory links above, will find a link to Fred’s blog there as well.)

  8. GrantG says:

    I wouldn’t say I’m old, but I think I’ve definitely had my mind changed by this guy. First time I read a story by him was when I read Dangerous Visions and I thought it was brilliant. I’m reading Gateway right now (strange coincidence, eh?) and so far it’s giving me just about everything I usually want from science fiction.

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