Boing Boing Gift Guide 2009: gadgets! (part 3/6)


4 Responses to “Boing Boing Gift Guide 2009: gadgets! (part 3/6)”

  1. wygit says:

    About the “Duct Tape Bandage” info: the link here for purchase takes me to he purchase page for Tom Waits’ “Glitter and Doom Live [LIVE]“, (which is a great album, but not for covering wounds… ok, maybe it is); and the link on the review page takes me to Amazons’s 404 page.

  2. R. Stevens says:

    That multi-tool shall be MINE.

  3. Talia says:

    The link to part 2: Media doesn’t work, I’m afraid.. :)

  4. Cory Doctorow says:

    D’oh! Duct tape and previous links should both be working now!

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