Stylophone synthesizer at Restoration Hardware


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  1. TheCarpetMaker says:

    Pedro for President!

  2. Anonymous says:

    They can also be found at Urban Outfitters for $20.00.

  3. Homegrown Evolution says:

    Check out freaky LA evangelist Miss Velma’s stylophone solo towards the end of this video:

  4. MustrumRidcully says:

    This is video of a book store concert of They Might Be Giants I took a couple years ago.
    At the 5:55 mark John L. pulls out a Stylophone and they play Particle Man.

    I apologize for the shaky cam, but I was holding my camera straight up and it was hard to keep it steady.

  5. dragonfrog says:

    Oh my gosh I love how awkward the fellow in that video is – that’s so endearing!

    Kinda SX-150ish, but with a very approachable price tag…

  6. oasisob1 says:

    Even cheaper at ThinkGeek:

    Momentarily out of stock, though. :-(

    They are fun fun fun to mess around with.

  7. mitchelka says:

    Love my Stylophone! Paid more to ship it from UK than to buy it on eBay. Performing on Stylophone-based Crutch and Spring in Harvard Square:

  8. EH says:

    You’re just jealous because I’ve been chatting online with hot babes all day.

  9. Karlos says:

    Just gotta get one classic Stylophone and a Stylophone “beatbox” then that’s the whole band taken care of!

    Excellent Brett Domino Trio vid using the new model here…


  10. Piers W says:

    British Stylophiles will be happy to know you can get them in Maplins.

  11. adamnvillani says:

    It’s also featured in Orbital’s song “Style” (naturally).

  12. Ian Mackereth says:

    Ah, yes, I remember Rolf Harris using and pushing these in the 70s!

    He still gets a big mention on

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wow, looks like an external USR/3com dial-up modem!

  14. juepucta says:

    Yo nerds: The Raconteurs (Jack White et al) have been using and making these cheapass toys cool for at least a couple years now. They used to even sell their own Raconteur version of the thing.


  15. apoxia says:

    I can see no rhyme nor reason for the songs chosen in that medley. Despite this, that is a pretty cool instrument.

  16. kaiza says:

    Someone with a Stylophone and more musical talent than me might be able to confirm whether a Stylophone was actually used in this annoyingly catchy song:

    It certainly sounds like one, but I can’t get it to sound right on this virtual Stylophone:

  17. Anonymous says:

    The amazing Molly Lewis uses one of these in her version of Poker Face.

  18. sluggo says:

    I wanna point out that the last song is ‘Without You’ and was released in 1970 by Badfinger. It’s been covered to death, but most notably over-sung by Mariah Carey. The original is my fav.

    I’ve got a Stylophone, and have been using it in a live cover of ‘Space Oddity’ in my band, The Schmoejoes. I’m afraid I have no vid or audio to show off, but it’s a crowd favorite. Everyone wants to know ‘what the hell is that thing’…

  19. bingbongboinger says:

    OMG! I have one of these I got new back in the late sixties. I saw it advertised on Canadian TV and crossed the border into Canada to buy it.

    I was ripped off bu US customs when I returned. They made me pay duty on it. I tried to explain, “But, but you can’t buy these in the US!” I had to pay anyway.

    The stylophone still works fine.

  20. Canadian says:

    I picked one up at Urban Outfitters and a friend harshed me out for buying the remake and not the analog original. My friend is a doofus but he sort of has a good point. Search out an analog model for the real sound heard in those classic songs.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Then there is this little ditty from 1992 tangentially related to the stylophone:

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