Fine art/graffiti photoshopping contest


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  1. IamInnocent says:

    It’s a useless exercise most of the time, a fun variation, sometimes, but let’s not exagerate: none of these truly enhance a classic.

  2. Tzctlp says:

    Which dictionary are you using to define “improvement”.

    Gosh, really, this is a nice enough diversion for Photoshop enthusiasts, but the bait in the language is getting tiresome.

    Particularly worrying is that somebody thinks that the Lascaux cave paintings could be “improved” by juvenile idiocy.

  3. querent says:

    The last supper made me literally lol.

  4. blueelm says:

    Wow. I really really like these. There’s something so fascinating about bringing contemporary elements into historic art. It’s good to remember that the portrayed streets in some of these were contemporary streets, although in some pastoral and historic scenes they’re not but rather some idealized past. Still, the element of contemporary culture, the issue of graffiti as vandalism, etc… maybe a few years ago in relevance but nonetheless interesting to me still.

  5. frogsmoker says:

    … And the Remastered Bouguereaus among them always end up here:

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