High-mag pollen photos highlight the invisible beauty of plants' reproductive spritz


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  1. PaulR says:

    In the Early Cretaceous by Al Purdy

    “They came overnight
    a hundred million years ago
    The first flowers ever.
    A new thing under the sun
    invented by plants.

    It must have been around 7AM
    when a shrew-like mammal stumbled out
    of its dark burrow and peered near-sightedly
    at the first flower with a expression close to amazement
    and decided it wasn’t dangerous…”

    It still brings a tear to my eye whenever I listen to Purdy read this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you may be an order of magnitude or two out in the age of pollen. I think the late Devonian period has the first record of pollen.

  3. racerabbit says:

    These. These are the faces of my nemesi. These are the reasons I hold such a strong dislike for Spring!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The jury is out on the origin of pollen. It was once thought to be 80 million years ago but some people reckon it could be much older, like 220 million years.

  5. OriGuy says:

    375,000,000 years ago would put in in the middle of the Devonian period.

  6. Marilyn Terrell says:

    You’re right, OriGuy and Anonymous, I let off a few zeroes; the article says 375 million years ago:

  7. AAeiouy says:

    Those are scanning electron micrographs…black and white only. Color was added later, thus at least partly imaginary. Nat Geo should have stated that.

    • octopod says:

      >Color was added later,

      quite a deal later. probably related to the “<font color=”red”>Update: not sure about the …. ” at the top.

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