Concept design for gun-shaped camera



This design for a gun-shaped camera is unlikely to be mass-produced. It looks easy enough to make one with a 3D printer, though.


  1. It’s too bad this country is insane, otherwise this would be a fun toy to mess around with for a while.

  2. Ah, it looks like an adorable recording device from a retro-future world!

    But theawesomerobot and hkedi have already covered the upsides (novelty fun!) and downsides (In Soviet Russia, bullets fire at you! :( )

  3. Christ this is stupid!

    …easy enough to make one with a 3D printer, though.

    So would a suicide bomber belt or… a grenade dildo. Get on it!

  4. I keep asking myself, which are the larger assholes? The people who make this, or the ones who buy them?

    Flip a coin.

  5. Mrs. Pascal: “What’s that gun doing there?”
    Jackie-O: “It’s not a gun. It’s a camera.”
    Mrs. Pascal: “It is too a gun.”
    Jackie-O: “It’s a camera that looks like a gun.”

  6. I wouldn’t want to use one in a trigger happy urban area, but it would make a cool alternative to a toy gun for kids to run around with.

  7. In New Zealand this would prompt an armed defenders squad callout (our normal cops don’t carry guns on their person).

  8. I certainly agree that this is likely to get you shot or arrested.

    But, it’s a shame. One reason why guns are shaped like this is that it’s one of the best ways to have a device that you can easily, quickly and naturally point at a target.

    I bet this thing would be fun to take photos with — although I’d still rather have a viewfinder.

  9. #rob nice old tech, i’m lucky to live close which has a really interesting collection.
    #all nobody remember the max headroom series? the big bazooka video camera guns w/ clips.. lovd that.
    and as per making with a 3d printer…hmm. i’td be fun to knock something similiar up with walnut and mild steel. i bet the guts are out there.

  10. I already *have* a Sanyo Xacti pistol-grip camcorder and still camera – that looks quite enough like a gun for me, thanks :P
    Enough that I didn’t buy the all-black version, but not enough for me to buy the lime-green version.

  11. “I keep asking myself, which are the larger assholes? The people who make this, or the ones who buy them? Flip a coin.”

    How about making a three-sided coin so you can include “people who don’t read the post and assume this is a product for sale and not a one-off art project?”

  12. It’s all good fun until someone brings something like it to Boston.

    Please don’t–I can’t get home on the train when the city’s on DEFCON 1 CODE RED SHUTDOWN due to threatening Lite Brites or gun toys.

  13. I’ve actually been hoping for something like this for a while. I’m not usually within easy reach of a camera and I’ve missed a couple of incredible shots because of it. A quick draw camera, especially something that could fit on a pendant or in a cute holster, would be awesome.

  14. its actually amazing how long it took for someone to take a point-and-shoot and turn it into a point-and-shoot

  15. Actually it’s not such a bad idea. The barrel is a nice place to mount the lens. The distance to the back of the gun is just about right for slightly longer lenses. The handle is a good location for 2 or 4 AA batteries.

  16. All guns should have cameras. Then when you shoot something the evidence is on a chip. You know the drill. If you haven’t done anything wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

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