Cute purses made out of coconuts

3801814923_e7236ff8bf_b.jpg Erik of Afrigadget found these cute bags made out of coconuts on Lamu Island, off the coast of Kenya, while traveling with his daughter. As he points out, it's one example of a great way for locals to make money from tourists using local resources that might otherwise become garbage. Coconut + Zippers = Handbags


  1. The Honolulu swap meet is held twice weekly at Aloha Stadium where vendor have found every possible imaginable use for coconuts and parts thereof. Including the purses pictured above but lined with pretty, shiny fabric. My daughter loves hers and it just happens to fit her favorite giant rubber ball full of gold flakes swirling in mysterious fluid. $10 for a fancy coconut purse/swirly giant ball holder.

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