Drew Friedman draws Frank Sinatra


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  1. Irwin Chusid says:

    @sapere_aude: We’ve sold about one-third of the edition. Prints are still available at DrewFriedman.net.

    @Tim: Great archival letter. “Royko declined the challenge.” What a loser.

  2. Psychomike says:

    hey Jaytkay: Sinatra worked at nightclubs and casinos which were all owned by the mob then. The Playboy club really first broke that hold (and to keep the mob away they hired black acts to play- Cosby, Gregory, etc). I read in Jerry Lewis’ book that he once saw Sinatra with a suitcase full of money that Sinatra joked was from the mob. Lewis wondered if the money was being laundered and Sinatra was running it for them. I did some research and it turns out Sinatra did run money- funds to Israel for the new state before it was recognized.

  3. jaytkay says:

    And he was always kind to murderers and thieves. Whatta terrific guy!

  4. Tim Howland says:

    The blog Letters of Note had a letter today from Sinatra to Mike Royko, ripping him a new one in no uncertain terms- delightful read, as Sinatra calls him “nothing but a pimp”.

  5. sapere_aude says:

    I’m a huge Sinatra fan; so I’m really tempted to get one of these. But, in today’s economy, I just can’t justify making frivolous purchases, even at Christmastime. (Besides, if there are only 35 available, I’m sure they sold out pretty quick.)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why the awful expression on his face? Artistically, it’s a fine job, but as a Sinatra fan, I wouldn’t want it hanging on my wall.

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