Please release me: Electroplankton, Bit.Trips and littler LittleBigPlanet


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  1. PeaceLove says:

    Got my Electroplankton on Amazon a few years ago for around $40 after Kevin Kelly’s glowing review on Cool Tools. It’s still the one “game” I come back to again and again. I think it has some alchemic way of teaching the user about the relationship between sound, movement, and joy.

    In any case, it’s lovely.

  2. DJBudSonic says:

    Sorry to see Electroplankton come out, that was like a secret weapon. I got it for my son when he got his DS a few years ago and it is our favorite. ($52 from Japan) I wish the gameplay was more developed, would love to save setups. It takes a while to set up the environs/boards/tones you want to start with, it really is not a performance application.

    Of course, that doesn’t stop me from using it as such; a few weeks ago I did a guest set on Crush Collision 88.3 WCBN FM and broke off in the middle for an ambient meltdown feat. Electroplankton… big fun!

    • Brandon Boyer says:

      Sounds awesome, Bud — is there a podcast/archive we can download?

      • DJBudSonic says:

        It is archived by time-slot I will look it up for you. WCBN is a great station here that has a long history feat. Ann Arbor and Detroit electronica. I used to be more involved but still play on-air 2-3 times a year.

  3. iamrachel says:

    I got Electroplankton as a gift years ago. I was once asked “What game would you choose to play if you could only play one for the rest of your life?” and Electroplankton is my choice because the possibilities are endless.

    Everyone I’ve showed it/loaned it to has fallen in love, especially non-gamers. I’m glad to see more people will have the chance to experience Toshi Iwai’s genius!

  4. bunnyman2112 says:

    Electroplankton has been my favorite DS cartridge since I first heard about it (on a Fluxus mailing list, of all places). Bought one immediately, and I’m glad I did, as the used pricing on them is insane (some folks are still asking over $100US for it, although now that they have the d/l version, prices are dropping quickly!). The fact of the matter is that for $20, you can download all 10 Plankton, and still be able to have something like the Korg DS-10 in the cartridge slot. Awesome music programs to go! Plus, now I can run 2 plankton @ the same time (if my daughter lets me use her DS Lite, that is…).

  5. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely loved Bit.Trip Beat. I’ll definitely be downloading Void. It looks great!

  6. The Thompson Five says:

    It’s too bad Nintendo didn’t decide to do this a couple of years earlier. That’s when I gave up on the idea of obtaining a legit copy of Electroplankton, bought a CyclosDS and took matters into my own hands.

  7. Nycteris says:

    I can still remember (and regret) the time I saw Electroplankton for $40 in the local store and didn’t buy it. But I was happy to get Korg DS-10.

  8. droostring says:

    A friend of mine is part of a band (hes the keyboardist) and he uses Electroplankton on stage. It’s kind of awesome to see him whip out his DS and play it on stage!

    He invited me to play with him on one of their sound checks…the image of two guys playing their DS’s on stage and making music was hilarious. people kept staring.

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