Rusting space-marine robot toys

Man, I am all over these $45 space-marine "Bertie" robots from Tenacious Toys -- rusted and beat up and full of character, designed by Ashley Wood.

Bertie (via Superpunch)


    1. Anonymous[#3] reminds me of my former roomate who wouldn’t use carbon steel kitchen implements (knives,graters, et c.), because he thought anything rusty would give him tetanus. That’s not the deal. The potential for infection comes from sharp implements (old dirty nails, barbed wire, et c.) that have the tetanus bacillus on them. If the metal is clean, it doesn’t matter whether it is rusty or not.

    1. I don’t know from Ashley Wood, but may I suggest you’d be better off spending your $45 on some original Bode work?

      I think the original of the one pictured is from either Junkwaffel or Cobalt 60, but I could be misremembering… the tacked-on arms are a little disconcerting.

  1. Aargh! I think they’re sold out. That sucks enough, but it looks like their site is programmed to remove them from the catalogue instead of sticking a little “sold out” graphic next to it. Lame, if that’s the case.

    Yup, it’s listed under “preorders” and brings up their 404 page. Sad.

    reCaptcha sez: fCuba rarities

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