Sophie Madeleine plays "Don't Think Twice It's All Right" on ukulele

Here's Sophie Madeleine (aka Balls of the Rocky and Balls duo) playing Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice It's All Right" on the ukulele.


  1. i’ve never watched any of these videos you’ve posted until now. i can see why you love this stuff! what a gorgeous voice and simple sound. *girlcrushswoon*

  2. This is one of the things the Internet does best: no multi-track recording, no video production; just a pretty girl with a lovely voice, her instrument, a mic and a great song. Before the web, this would have only been seen by a few dozen people in a coffee house. Now the whole world can see it, yet it retains 90 percent of the intimacy of the coffee-house setting.

    Made my day.

  3. sorry, she’s beautiful (same thing that drives the palindrones;-), she’s got great voice, uke’s are in…

    but her inflection @ ~1:39 (“do or say/tooooo make me change…”), while it takes great advantage of her tremolo (worked 4 joan baez;-) seems to mock the heartache of this song…

    1. I’m going to go ahead and respectfully disagree with you there, airdrummer – I think the way Sophie’s handled the song and slowed the pace makes it a lot more thoughtful and heartfelt than his Bobness himself even, at least from this version:

  4. I’m pretty sure Bob Dylan was put on this earth to write this song for Mike Ness to cover.

    This is making me rethink my assertion.

  5. @airdrummer

    I disagree. To me, the lyrics and inflection at that point seem to reflect a wistful mindset- “Still, I wish that there was something you would do or say…” i.e. “Wouldn’t it be great if!… no, it wouldn’t change things at this point.” I think it’s kind of interesting how a little inflection like that can be indicative of layered emotion in a narrative.

    But then again, maybe my interpretation says more about me than it does about her.

  6. Yes, she sounds very good…but, can we please STOP with the ukulele covers. The “pretty girl playing a hip-hop or rock/folk cover” thing that’s been going on here is getting very tired. This manufactured cutesy-quirkiness is becoming quite a cliche. Mix it up… Cut down on the cutesy!

  7. I agree she is pretty, that the song is beautiful, and that the uke girls are enjoyable.

    One question…

    Why the heck does she get a professional mic and film in her bedroom?

    She under house arrest?

  8. @#13, $150 for a decent condenser mic isn’t a whole lot when you consider that it captures 100% of the sound coming out of your $300+ uke. There’s no point in recording a $300 uke when your $10 walmart mic makes it sound like a $80 walmart uke.

  9. Hey, hadlock, I was told there’d be no math.
    I was wondering how she would get around the “once loved a woman, a child I’m told” line.

  10. the uke almost made a comeback.
    only to be buried beneath a pile of pretty girls with cute voices.

  11. some of you guys are just awful. it’s a simple production, done in under 4 minutes, and put on the web.
    It’s not a friggin mtv video. Enjoy it for what it is.

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