Sophie Madeleine plays "Don't Think Twice It's All Right" on ukulele


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  1. hadlock says:

    @#13, $150 for a decent condenser mic isn’t a whole lot when you consider that it captures 100% of the sound coming out of your $300+ uke. There’s no point in recording a $300 uke when your $10 walmart mic makes it sound like a $80 walmart uke.

  2. PeaceLove says:

    Yes indeedy, she is a doll. Thanks Mark. Keep ‘em coming!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks just like a Telefunken U47!

  4. robotnixon says:

    I’m pretty sure Bob Dylan was put on this earth to write this song for Mike Ness to cover.

    This is making me rethink my assertion.

  5. tylersweeney says:

    the uke almost made a comeback.
    only to be buried beneath a pile of pretty girls with cute voices.

  6. mermaid says:

    She’s cute and all, nice voice, but the execution, meh.

  7. Anonymous says:

    :O this is the most beautiful of all the uke girls. im in love

  8. taiki24 says:

    I like it! Very sweet. I love the sound of ululele.

  9. rockiemosley says:

    I am so in love. She is simply awesome. What a beautiful voice.

  10. BikerRay says:

    Hey, hadlock, I was told there’d be no math.
    I was wondering how she would get around the “once loved a woman, a child I’m told” line.

  11. awwhoneybear says:

    i’ve never watched any of these videos you’ve posted until now. i can see why you love this stuff! what a gorgeous voice and simple sound. *girlcrushswoon*

  12. SlashMatrix says:


    I disagree. To me, the lyrics and inflection at that point seem to reflect a wistful mindset- “Still, I wish that there was something you would do or say…” i.e. “Wouldn’t it be great if!… no, it wouldn’t change things at this point.” I think it’s kind of interesting how a little inflection like that can be indicative of layered emotion in a narrative.

    But then again, maybe my interpretation says more about me than it does about her.

  13. Gloria says:

    Where are the fat, old, pimply women playing ukeleles?


  14. collincouv says:

    Yes, she sounds very good…but, can we please STOP with the ukulele covers. The “pretty girl playing a hip-hop or rock/folk cover” thing that’s been going on here is getting very tired. This manufactured cutesy-quirkiness is becoming quite a cliche. Mix it up… Cut down on the cutesy!

  15. petergarner says:

    This is one of the things the Internet does best: no multi-track recording, no video production; just a pretty girl with a lovely voice, her instrument, a mic and a great song. Before the web, this would have only been seen by a few dozen people in a coffee house. Now the whole world can see it, yet it retains 90 percent of the intimacy of the coffee-house setting.

    Made my day.

  16. SlashMatrix says:

    Yeah! Play some SKYNYRD, Man!!!

    I’m only joking… please don’t.

  17. RedShirt77 says:

    I agree she is pretty, that the song is beautiful, and that the uke girls are enjoyable.

    One question…

    Why the heck does she get a professional mic and film in her bedroom?

    She under house arrest?

  18. airdrummer says:

    sorry, she’s beautiful (same thing that drives the palindrones;-), she’s got great voice, uke’s are in…

    but her inflection @ ~1:39 (“do or say/tooooo make me change…”), while it takes great advantage of her tremolo (worked 4 joan baez;-) seems to mock the heartache of this song…

  19. Anonymous says:

    some of you guys are just awful. it’s a simple production, done in under 4 minutes, and put on the web.
    It’s not a friggin mtv video. Enjoy it for what it is.

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