Dumpster, wrong color

xJDyZ.jpg Brian Klug noticed a dumpster in his parking lot painted incorrectly. He fixed it in 'shop.


    1. I think Dumpster has failed to defend their trademark at this point. I was unaware it used to be a brandname. I’m afraid the ship has sailed, and it has gone the way of ‘escalator’ and its kindred: former brandnames, now generics.

      I didn’t get this until it was explained either. It’s great geek humor, I’m just not geeked in the proper way to have gotten it. Kudos!

    2. Dumpster went generic a long time ago, like Kleenex.

      The curse of success for branding, everyone knows your name.

  1. Can I be the first person to say “wtf?”

    What colour should it be? What colour was it? Why does it matter, and why do we care?

    I’m not sniping or trolling – I just don’t get why someone photoshopping a dumpster is newsworthy. Explain…?

  2. I was wondering the same thing myself. How does photoshopping a dumpster to a different color qualify as BoingBoing worthy? I mean, is it because it is a decent job of photoshopping that surpasses those who have been doing magazine covers?

  3. All the household bins in Liverpool are about that colour, but even more garish. If you go out on collection day, you have to wear goggles to shield yourself from the pinky-purple glare.

  4. If the joke is painfully nerdy enough that most of Boing Bong’s readers don’t recognize it as a joke at first, then it’s perfect fodder for Boing Boing.

  5. “If the joke is painfully nerdy enough that most of Boing Bong’s readers don’t recognize it as a joke at first, then it’s perfect fodder for Boing Boing.”

    Agree 100%

    This is awesome.

  6. He fixed it in ‘shop at his ‘puter. Then he went to the ‘rt menu in ‘dows and launched ‘oft ‘rd to make a fax coversheet.

  7. re: integrity of Dumpster brand name

    Bart: Otto-Man? You’re living in a dumpster?

    Otto: Ho man, I wish. Dumpster-brand trash bins are top-of-the-line. This is just a TrashCo waste disposal unit.

  8. Where I’m from, Seattle Washington, blue dumpsters are recycling dumpsters. So this is another in joke I didn’t get till reading the comments. Not sure I’d consider it post worthy, but whatever. I’ll just sit back and wait for the kittens.

  9. Pretty geeky.

    Geekier, perhaps, then my using a psudeosynethesia to remember phone numbers by their associated Pantone numbers.

  10. Dumpster was a brand. It’s still a brand, but it’s been diluted by overexposure.

    In the trade, those’re called “proprietary eponyms.”

  11. Funny, now that I’ve read the comments. But I have to say you have a bad habit of posting things that require explanation with minimal commentary of your own (e.g., “Plaices of Death”). It would be nice if you wrote full posts rather than letting the commenters flesh things out for you.

  12. Took me about 2 minutes of staring at the picture to get it. I’ve been passing the photo and description around the office as a geek test.

  13. Only a true designer would get that

    But… but… reflective colour does not work that way.

    Beside, if you want it to be #6F0099 you clearly need another coat.

  14. Directory of wonderful things. Like dumpsters photochopped to match their hex codes. Watch out as I erupt with wonder.

    Mrargh! This company’s circling the drain, I tell you! I’d sell my stock right now for a sandwich!

    1. Again, I wonder: If it bores you, why bother commenting? Do you just like seeing your words online? I am really curious. It seems like Boing Boing has been invaded by bored commenters lately.

      And sarcasm definitely makes smart people sound like children.

  15. ZING! Nicely done. I’m unsavvy codewise enough to also have not gotten it off the bat. Few things are funny when they’re explained, this is one of them. Awesome.

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