Ingenious Pac Man ring-set

Rachel sez, "I just made these rings today, and think you might like them! They are handmade from sterling silver with black onyx "food points." As the saying goes, 'om nom nom!'

Yes, Rachel, I do like 'em! I like 'em a lot!

Pacman Ring Series- Sterling Silver and Black Onyx (Thanks, Rachel!)


  1. Congratulations Rachel! You got Boinged! They gotta get bullet buddies on here! I hope this leads to a flood of christmas present orders!


  2. Heheh. Very neat. It looks like she was so excited to take a picture, that she didn’t wash her hands after making them. That’s cool. I suddenly want to see more dirty models.

  3. JerryR — I’ve known a few jewelry makers. Their hands never quite get clean. But you’re right, it’s a good look.

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