Somali pirate stock-market: "we've made piracy a community activity."


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  1. Chris Tucker says:

    “Ben!, What’s the matter?”

    “I felt a great disturbance in The Force, as if millions of Libertarians suddenly cried out in ecstasy, came in their trousers and were suddenly sexually satisfied for their first time in their lives.”

  2. insert says:

    All they need is some laws to justify it, and soon the Somalians will have a thriving military-industrial complex, just like us! Awww…

  3. Nadreck says:

    I think that they should branch out into Product Placement too. Think how much more your weapons would sell for if they had the Pirate Seal of Approval!

    This also makes me think that there’s a market for real Venture Capitalists to sell shares in revolutions and so forth, a la Richard Morgan’s books. Just think of the Super-Bowl Ads!

    - Close up of a handsome Latino cautiously poking his head up from a foxhole under fire.

    “Yes – the struggle is hard….”

    - Pulls out a shoulder launched missile with a Pepsi logo on it

    “..but with our Corporate Sponsors…”

    - Fires missile and incoming fire lessens

    “..Victory is assured!!”

  4. Gilbert Wham says:

    Aaaaah, the Invisible Hand at work. Don’t you feel better?

  5. JoshuaTerrell says:

    Viva l’Afrique!

    It’s nice to know that some members of impoverished countries have taken it upon themselves to provide for themselves in there time of need.

    I see nothing wrong here.

  6. kmoser says:

    They should seek to partner with the Pirate Party International.

  7. dculberson says:

    Sounds like a handy place for the armed forces of other nations to attack.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We’re witnessing the rapid development of a complex market system.

  9. The Chemist says:

    Guybrush Threepwood finally finds out what Stan was on about.


  10. SkullHyphy says:

    Who wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that their investment is in the hands of pirates?

  11. Pantograph says:

    Selling stock in piracy on the high seas eh? That’s how both the Dutch and British East India Companies got their start.

  12. evan.t.bell says:

    Provides more evidence for Peter Leeson’s theory of Piratical Organization. His study at is pretty cool.

  13. semiotix says:

    For crying out loud, teach them about derivatives and credit default swaps, and we’ll have ended piracy by the next fiscal new year.

    Also, were you aware that the average pirate CEO makes 8,500 times what his lowest-paid pirate employee does?

  14. VICTOR JIMENEZ says:

    “Who wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that their investment is in the hands of pirates?”

    Who? Are you talking about the banks? We already feel… em… comfortable with them… more or less.

    Suitcases or AK-47, I don`t care… both are the same.

  15. Anonymous says:

    “Piracy. . . let the market take care of it.”

  16. Anonymous says:

    Where can I buy stock? Is there a website?

  17. mutt says:

    Wait till these guys figure out that they can just sit at a keyboard and sell maritime insurance and not bother suiting up and getting wet.

    • gollux says:

      Oh, that’s just the next step. After all, first you whack everyone on the street a little bit for that street cred, then you start asking for protection/insurance so you don’t have to work so hard at being a biter. Set up offices on floating platforms in the major sea routes and rake in the dough…

      Kind of along the lines of the Ankh-Morpork Thieve’s guild method, if you’ve paid your up-front ransom amount you present a ticket, and that frees them to leave you in peace and hunt down and forcibly inhumate anyone failing to present a proper Pirate’s Guild License…

  18. bjacques says:

    @Gilbert Wham #5:

    Ye Invisible Hook! ARRRRRRRR!!!!

  19. chris23 says:

    “Ransoms have even increased in recent months from between $2-3 million to $4 million because of the increased number of shareholders and the risks…”

    Ah, taking a page from the Goldman Sachs playbook. Such enterprising young capitalists!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I predict an enterprising young Somali will sell a pirating group faulty ammo and weapons, and then short sell them in the exchange prior to one of their excursions. Funny!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Now that’s free market capitalism. Alan Greenspan would be soooo proud!

  22. shadowfirebird says:

    I wonder if they would accept investment in return for a promise not to attack? That could be lucrative, and slightly more legal, even…

  23. angusm says:

    I hear the grenade is trading at an all-time high against the dollar.

    I wonder if there’s any connection between this news story and the one about Goldman Sacks bankers getting firearms licenses. Could they be trying to get into a new market?

  24. Cicada says:

    Sounds like the start of a piracy bubble to me.

    • phisrow says:

      Looks like a sign of weakness to me. We may not be able to stop a bunch of scrawny teenagers in cheap boats; but we have the people, and the skills, to destabilize and suck dry a stock market…

  25. Robert says:

    Luring investors at a pirate lair makes it a pirate fair, too!

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