Win a $450 retro Ray watch


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  1. Hugh says:

    As the guy who won last year’s Watchismo/BoingBoing giveaway, I can attest that Mitch at Watchismo was a gracious and helpful giver-away-of-cool-watches.

  2. Ernunnos says:

    What’s retro about this? It looks nothing like older watches. People are going to look at this in a year and go, “That’s so 2009.”

  3. Eric Hunting says:

    I like these simple designs with unadulterated materials. I wish there was more experimentation, though in pocket watches. It’s a much-negelcted area of design. Being one of those hairy-armed orangutan people, I’ve never done well with wrist watches and, outside of Europe, pocket watch design seems to revolve around some sort of antebellum aesthetic. It would be nice to see some contemporary designs. Maybe a nice little rounded-corner tile -square, triangular, or teardrop- of solid zirconium oxide ceramic with a hole in one corner, a pyrochromatic display with multiple themes and calendar functions, atomic clock synch, and inductive charging. Something that’s functional and looks like it belongs to this century.

  4. Rob Beschizza says:

    BCJ: Will be announcing 100 word fiction contest before Dec. 15. There were like 60,000 words-worth of entries! We’ve divvied it up.

  5. hectorinwa says:

    Do I really need a watch that requires me to re-learn how to tell time?

  6. BCJ says:

    speaking of contests, any time-frame on the 100 word fiction contest results?

  7. uween says:

    Do you get a confirmation e-mail from them? (Or have I typoed my address in their form).

    P.S. I think it’s quite nice.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Knock on wood! They are giving away über cool Phosphor watches too on their Facebook fan page.

  9. BCJ says:

    I did not get a confirmation email.

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