Your World of Warcraft toon on a poster


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  1. Tommy says:

    This is friggin’ awesome! I’ve been trying to find a service like this for a while now, and here it is! Very excited. I didn’t want to transfer to Alliance before somehow immortalizing my Horde character, and a screen shot just wouldn’t do it for me. The website is incredibly user friendly and there’s a large level of customization. The fact that it’s run by three dudes just blows me away- it’s so professional!

  2. daev says:

    *facepalm* SOE owns Everquest… been a long day. sigh.

  3. Daemon says:

    When exactly did they start using the word “toon” instead of “character”?

    • djn says:

      I have been wondering myself. When I joined my current guild in 2006, the British people in it were already using “toon” – I’ve stuck to “character” (or in time-pressed situations “char”), though.

    • Jerril says:

      Over five years ago. I’m not 100% sure which subculture is responsible for it, but it predates WoW. It may be a City of Heroes thing, or a Second Life thing? The Sims?

      “Toon” seems to be used slightly more by people who don’t roleplay at all, but I haven’t done any formal research into it or anything. Wish I had, really, it’s an interesting devision.

  4. daev says:

    Cease and Desist from SONY in 5…4….3…

  5. mgfarrelly says:

    Yeah, I’m really curious, what is your ownership of a WoW character? I mean, you create the handle, you pick the armor and outfits from those provided, but do you have any rights to that character to make art, non-commercial or otherwise?

    I’ve only played WoW a couple times. Not my cup of tea, though I do love “The Guild”

  6. Bimmi says:

    This is a Blizzard-licensed offering, I believe, and thus puts money directly in their pockets. And generating income is what WoW is all about, of course.

    • johnnee says:

      Yah. It’s Officially licensed.It’s even signed in cursive! :)

    • Anonymous says:

      that is not true, i know the man who owns this company, and he is a hardworking man who is struggling to make this company profitable, he is recieving no funds from blizzard and none are going back to them

    • djn says:

      It is indeed blessed by Blizzard – they linked to it in the WoW launcher this week.

      As a side note, I have been playing with their (rather fancy) website. Not entirely surprisingly, you’re not allowed to make a poster without at least one Blizzard/WoW logo visible.

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