Colorful iPhone icon pillows

500x_iphone_icon_pillows.jpg I don't even have an iPhone, but I'm digging these icon pillows. They're colorful, cute, happy, and soft, characteristics that I wouldn't ordinarily associate with a shiny black gadget. Etsy via Gizmodo


  1. Awesome! These will go great with my icouch. Finally I can have every aspect of my life somewhow reflect my undying passion for iproducts! Now everyone that comes over is gonna know what a stlye-savy cat I am.

    Now, without even opening my mouth to talk about the latest app I got, people can preemptively start talking about Apple products – thereby reducing time wasted on worthless pleasantries. Precious time you can then spend on in-depth discussion of Steve Jobs’ health situation.

    Sarcasm aside, the only one of these ‘replicate some icrap into an oversized version’ products that was actually well executed was already on BBG.

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