FDA To America: Please, Don't Be Idiots

The FDA has released a list of fraudulent H1N1 flu protection products. Highlights include: Sketchy, black-market flu vaccine (link included for maximum LULZ); all manner of home defense kits, ranging in price from the classic $19.95 to $570; and silver nanoparticle shampoo. Washing your hands: Still free. For now.


  1. I need to see more colloidal silver ads ala the Smurf congressman…The pictures are so freakin funny

  2. Swine Flu Vaccine for sale?! Is that legal? I mean, it must be, since so many people do this sort of thing and seem to get away with it. I ask only because I could always use more money, and if I’m going to have to live among stupid people in this world, I may as well make a buck off them.

  3. Heh… I see people have been hitting the poll pretty hard: most visitors are now “not really worried” about piggie sniffles!

  4. while some of the items on the list probably are fraudulent (shampoos and the like), it appears that the FDA has just sent threatening letters to any company with a product that claims that it may help with colds or flu. I recognize a lot of the companies on this list as reputable, especially Nature’s Sunshine which I’ve been using all my life. I think the FDA is using Swine Flu as an excuse to discredit and threaten makers of herbal remedies.

    1. Anybody pushing a remedy for a serious infectious disease, but without proof that their remedy works better than placebo, deserves to be discredited.

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