Ambient time-lapse videos of the Alps, set to Beethoven

Our friend Teresa Nielsen Hayden shares these truly beautiful videos of time-lapse photography shot in the Alps, with Beethoven compositions for the soundtrack. They're like ambient video bedtime stories for internet grownups. I feel drowsy and dreamy already, with the full moon overhead this evening.

The videos were created by Michael Rissi of Zurich, whose Vimeo profile describes him as a medical physicist and timelapse enthusiast who is fond of the Canon EOS 50D.

Here is Day, set to everyone's favorite bit of the Seventh. Here is Night, and the Moonlight Sonata. More at

Both HD videos embedded at 970 pixels wide after the jump.




  1. I love these! Vimeo really gives such a great platform for these kind of videos, simple, artistic, wonderful.

    This one, of the National Park Dartmoor in the UK, has been a nice ambient bit of visual wallpaper for me in the past.


  2. Man, the 2nd movement of the 7th is so grim. Like the soundtrack to trench warfare. I would’ve went for the 1st, but this is still beautiful stuff.

  3. anybody got an idea what are those 3 UFOs at the 0:40 mark? they seem to be flying in unison and my first impression was an atmospheric discharge or an aurora, but i quickly dismissed that and i’m flabbergasted as to its real nature.

    where are my boffins?

  4. in the video at the top of the screen, between 1:14 and 1:18 there’s a shooting star that comes from the right about two thirds of the way up the screen.
    when it reaches roughly the middle of the screen it b-lines it and shoots straight upwards towards the top of the screen.

    weird stuff people…weird stuff

  5. In the Night video, check out the geostationary flarers and the high-inclination object passing through from about South to North (could be a Molniya orbit), from roughly 1:00 to 1:08 – very cool.

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