Obama acid

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Yes, Obama LSD blotter.


  1. That’s such a bad idea.

    Aaaaaaah! I ate the President! Iraq is in my spleen now! Rahm Emanuel made a nest in my hair! Aaaaah!

  2. cool, but doubt it’s really acid. the real stuff hasn’t been made in quantity since the big silo bust years ago.

    1. Even if it isn’t produced in quantity who says this isn’t from one of the many smaller suppliers?

      It’s certainly as predominant as ever in Australia. I doubt much of it is produced here, much more likely imported from Europe.

    2. And if it is not acid, what is it?
      What could be active in such minute quantity that blotter paper can hold?
      Maybe it’s cyanide or something :]

  3. This reminds me of a Russian joke I heard a long while ago concerning the postage stamp of Josef Stalin which is the only stamp in the world that you lick on the front side.

  4. I heard if you take it you’re afflicted with lovely hallucinations about bringing Enlightenment values and peace to Afghanistan, and that you think this is possible through intensifying a war effort that failed some eight or so years ago. Now that’s trippy!

  5. @Fool/#5 / #15:

    LSD most certainly does still exist, and very very clean. You folks just need to come to the Bay Area. Forget the blotter stuff, its all liquid.

  6. agreed that great LSD does still exist, even here in faraway Australia, always in liquid form, clean, pure & totally enjoyable!

    1. Acid is nearly always liquid to begin with, then it’s put into whatever ‘container’ that someone along the line feels is appropriate.

      My friend used to buy a vial and apply a drop to dried apricots (cut a slit into them first, then close the slit afterwards to avoid evaperation) or those lollies called fruit tingles and sell them at festivals.

      Australia still has plenty of blotter and sugarcubes floating about but chemically it’s still identical (and therefore just as clean) to the liquid form.

  7. Where are all the little Hitler mustaches? Oh that’s right, right-wing nut jobs only do meth and beer.

  8. I’ve had some excellent LSD within the last year. Liquid. I love great big doses. God I sure love getting completely blown away!

    LSD is the greatest sexual enhancement known to man. Wanna make love flying? Wheee!! Write me…

  9. without any more information, it’s a bit hard to believe it’s for real , but very nicely done whoever.

  10. Blotter art (undipped) is also fairly popular as a collector’s item. A few years ago I nearly bought the gorgeous Yoda sheet that someone had produced, but realized I just wouldn’t be able to hang it anywhere without people thinking it actually had LSD in it.

  11. I’m glad to hear real acid is still around. I haven’t had it in years but it was always an eye and mind opener on the few occasions i’ve done it. Fight on underground chemists, you have my love… even if you are on the other side of the world. Where I live, LSD is almost unheard of nowadays.

    Itsumishi(#33), it IS all chemically identical but definitely not all the same. The issue is of the other impurities that tag along with the active ingredient. The other ingredients taint your trip and can give you a headache. All acid is the same – and yet not the same ;-)

    1. No doubt at all that it varies from batch to batch. My point it whether it is liquid/blotter/sugar cube/apricot/microdot will never determine whether it is pure and/or good or not.

      The batch may cause variants but the container won’t make a bit of difference (apart from maybe affecting the ‘shelf life’).

  12. Please forgive my ignorance but a lot of people in this thread are saying LSD no longer exists, etc. etc. Could anyone be more specific?

    Is true LSD availability in the Continental US or Europe in decline?

    1. All I know is the UK but past few years it’s been holding steady after a big knock dip in availability, but is no where near impossible to get. I got a cousine who’s a chemistry student XD EPIC WIN lols

    2. @benher #42 –

      Doper lore has it that ever since the Summer of Love, virtually all of the real LSD (true lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD-25, just like Hoffman had, etc.) consumed in the United States was produced in the SF Bay Area, by a small coterie of highly sophisticated chemists, in it not so much to make money, but for sincere ideological reasons. While distributors and suppliers of varying importance would occasionally get busted, none of the principal chemists ever were, and legend has it that their character was such that one would never roll over on the others, in the event of capture. Around 2000 or so, a Harvard trained chemist by the name of Wm. Pickard was busted producing acid in an abandoned missile silo in Kansas (“the silo bust” that people refer to). He was said to be an acolyte of the principal SF Bay chemists, and was also said to have informed on them and their operations, thereby bringing them to a halt. What is passed of as LSD now is said to be inferior to what was passed off as LSD pre-silo bust.

      Or so goes the doper lore, take it with many grains of salt. Google for “William Pickard,” “Harvard,” “silo,” etc. for more details, many of them contradictory. See also Jay Stevens’ awesome Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream for a great history of the underground social dynamics behind the manufacture and distribution of LSD and other psychedelics.

      1. Such b.s. that it takes research-scientist-level skills to make acid. A brother of a friend of mine used to make the best acid I ever had–clean and fun and totally ego-dissolving.

  13. LSD definitely still exists, both in blotter and liquid form. I’m based in the UK and have a steady supply of very high-quality blotter acid. It’s beautiful, just as strong as the stuff I used to take when I was a teen about a decade ago.

  14. I scrolled down and see statements like LSD doesnt exist anymore (so you cant synthesise those molecules that exist anymore?) and If you overdose (you cant overdose on acid, you can go wrong but it wont kill you!), why do people continue to talk about things they know nothing about. Genrally the tabs are quite cool in a toungue in cheeck way.

  15. we have had them over here in australia, had them myself :)
    but the print we had, didn’t have the different colours, just the iconic image of Obama. we guesstimated 200mics each.
    safe tripping everyone

  16. Wait until the Palin crowd gets a load of this! “Obama is selling LSD! (Won’t someone think of the children?)”

  17. looks like DOI and DOB are active in 1.5-3mg doses, making it rather difficult, if not impossible, to impregnate a single tiny square with enough the stuff to mess you up. also, 1-3mg is plenty for any taste to come through, where LSD on blotter is absolutely tasteless.

    but yes, hooray for LSD.

  18. Dudes and dudettes, don’t get blotter paper. Save up your nickels and dimes and get yourself a vial. There’s some sweet sweet candy out there if you know where to look. It keeps well in the freezer.

  19. There’s definitely still real acid in the US. Tripped with a buddy who said what we had was every bit as good as anything he ever had in the 70s.

  20. “…and when he had given thanks, he brake it, and gave to them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.”


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