Video of Marilyn Monroe smoking a joint, or a hand-rolled cigarette?

Do you think Marilyn Monroe is smoking a joint or a hand-rolled cigarette in this video?


  1. Well, you don’t pass around a hand-rolled cigarette do you? Well, not unless you’re in a prison.

    Also, you don’t inhale that deeply and deliberately with a hand-rolled cigarette. Well, again, not unless you’re in a prison.

    She’s smoking a joint and having fun :)

  2. Visually there is little clue. Impossible to tell without some research into Marilyn Monroe’s habits. From what little I do understand about her, I couldn’t even guess how much pressure there must have been to live up to the images she projected outward and others projected onto her. I guess it was more pressure than she could deal with.

    I’m wondering if the question even have anything to do with Marylin Monroe?

  3. Looks like a plain old cigarette to me. They seem to be having fun, but not that much fun. I don’t know any of the backstory so maybe I am missing something. But I see nothing in the way she holds, inhales, exhales, or shares it to indicate it’s a j…holler when you get that clip of her smoking a jfk.

    1. DeWyken, no, I’m 47 and I have not smoked a joint. It’s not important to me what she’s smoking. Ultimately she ended her own life. I find that very difficult to comprehend.

      I also believe the news of her suicide is intriguing and very relevant.

  4. f th qstn s “D y cr?” thn th nswr s:

    dn’t fckng cr.

    Srsly, Mrlyn Mnr smkng ths r tht, fr pg vws? C’mn!

    1. I don’t care that you don’t care.

      Actually, I do kinda care. I think it’s hilarious that you would make any effort to tell all these strangers that you are not interested in this, even though it took some effort on your part to go to Boing Boing, click on this article, read at least part of it, and then write a comment about how little you care about what you are doing with yourself right now.

      The internet really is for narcissism. And kittens, of course. All those narcissistic kittens….

  5. Well if it is some weed she’s smoking it like a cigarette, taking short occasional puff and being very casual about the whole thing. And if it was some weed whoever rolled the damn thing rolled it made the thing look like a pre-rolled cigarette. But then again it was handed to her already lit, that is kinda uncommon to have someone light a cigarette and then hand it to you, unless you were sharing it. But she doesn’t share it, she keeps the thing. Who know what is going on in the vid.

  6. You don’t hold in cigarette smoke before you exhale, so it’s pretty clearly a joint. Not a big deal. She looks great in the video. I’d like to see it restored.

  7. I don’t care what she’s smoking, she’s STILL one of the most beautiful women who ever lived. I do wonder, however, who is that grinning person sitting next to her? A chubby guy? Or (as also seems possible) a dyke? Did Marilyn swing that way? ….not that there’s anything WRONG with that, but I’ve always been under the opinion that she was str8.

  8. It looks more like a drag of a cigarette. Yes, in my misspent youth, I toked a few. In addition, no one could roll a joint that well.

  9. Looks to me a bit more like a regular cigarette than a joint. She’s holding it like most folks hold a tobacco cigarette, between the knuckles not between the finger tips. She’s not holding in the smoke, just blowing it out like most people do tobacco. She isn’t passing it around. Sure, you don’t necessarily have to share, but especially with a joint that size, you’d think it might likely be shared. Not that everyone holds a joint the same way or that everyone inhales the same way, or that everyone shares the same way, but it’s more consistent with smoking a cigarette than what’s most common for smoking pot.

  10. I don’t think she would be so daft as to get caught on film smoking a reefer. Remember what happened to Robert Mitchum?

  11. I love it. I hope it’s pot. She and her friends look to be laughing a lot, having a great time, perhaps a little more than just tobacco provides.

  12. Whatever it was, she clearly didn’t inhale it: when you don’t inhale smoke before exhausting it from your mouth, it comes out in a blast of smoke followed immediately by no smoke at all, as in the video. (When you do inhale, the exhausted smoke comes out in a gradation from very smoky air to less smoky air to barely smoky air.)

  13. As possibly the only person commenting here who has smoked pot with someone as OLD as Marilyn i feel the need to point out a few things.

    First, Joints in the 20’s through the 60’s were “Hand rolled” but often with the help of rolling “machines” those two little rollers and a flap of cloth. Why? because easy to use and gummed cigarette papers were not commonly available. Rolling with you bare hands was much harder to do. Imagine if all rolling papers were like Tops but without glue on them

    Second, Before the hippies people generally rolled a bunch of joints, one for each person to smoke throughout the night rather than passing around one shared joint. This one seems to be passed around a bit but you shouldn’t let the fact it is or isn’t being passed around influence your conclusion.

    Third, pot was ALL leaf back then and you needed to smoke a cigarette sized joint to get a buzz on.

    And lastly take a look at how the smoke doesn’t stick around after she exhales. Also note that there is no wind in the room since everyone’s hair is dead still. Tobacco smoke would hang in the air. This smoke doesn’t.

  14. They are passing it around and that can mean only one thing :-) Why would they share a normal cigarette-they were cheap and plentiful (unlike now)? In any case,this really proves that smoking hash is an old thing and is not an activity of “dumb” young people,but just about everybody.What is the scandal about…

  15. ok, please, if you have never smoked marihuana or a joint before, do NOT post stupid comments. I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I do smoke marihuana and I hold my joints as if I’m holding a regular cigarette AND you don’t have to act like an idiot when you are stoned. She looks like she’s having fun. I think this video is great! :)

  16. Chinese eyes don’t tell lies. She’s baked. Just when I thought it was unpossible to like her more…

  17. It seems pretty obvious to me – that little “i’m stoned and amused” grin, and her general motions scream to me “I’m high”.

    She definitely held that inhale in a bit too. Really though, we’re talking about one of the biggest celebrities (who also allegedly died from a pill overdose) – would is surprise anyone? I’d be more surprised if she didn’t smoke pot at some point.

  18. Why don’t you guys ever ‘via’ where you pull content from? Every other place I saw this video today included an excerpt or link to the article quoting the video’s originator who explained its backstory (that it was his joint, etc).

  19. I’ve never seen tobacco cigarettes being passed around. Everyone I’ve ever seen smoke a cig has held on to their own death stick, maybe giving someone a drag, but then it goes back to its owner. Anthropologically speaking joints are a social drug and get passed around.

  20. The real question that should be asked is: “Who gives a flying f***?”

    Jeez, Yanks, get over this fascination with the oh-so-evil Marijuana.

  21. As someone already posted above, the person who shot the film admits that it was marijuana and that he or she was the person who bought it. This information is all over the Internet.

  22. It was synthetic cannabinoids that mimic the effects of marijuana, perfectly legal, nothing to see here.

  23. “Why don’t you guys ever ‘via’ where you pull content from?”

    I ‘via’ everything. This one was sent to me via a person who wished to remain anonymous. Thanks for your vigilance!

  24. I find myself caring more about it being described as a “video” rather than a “film” than I care what she was smoking. Although it’s obviously weed.

  25. I think it’s pretty hard to tell from the appearance of the J/cig. Maybe she held her breath just a little before exhale, but again, I’d say inconclusive in the vid. I’m with whoever said they’d be surprised if she hadn’t smoked weed though.

    What I found a little creepy is how much she resembled Britney Spears (perhaps really the other way round) for a few seconds, ~0:36-0:40. The horror! I don’t need such associations!

  26. I think it is a cigarette but really the operative word here is beauty! what an amazing and unusual beauty she was…

  27. Marilyn: “Well, this is a neat kick, but I think I’ll probably stick with my pills.”

    Lesbian sitting next to her: “OH HOLY SHIT I am getting high with MARILYN FUCKING MONROE I will never fantasize about anyone or anything else FOR THE REST OF MY FUCKING LIFE Mabel, you’d better give me a copy of THAT GODDAMN FILM YOU’RE SHOOTING”

  28. What a wonderful glimpse of Marylin’s humanity, instead of a studio engineered photo op.
    A famously insecure woman- her guard is down among friends, more beautiful than ever.
    How very touching. Applause to the original cameraperson for keeping this in the attic until long, long after her passing and ensuring her a bit of privacy.
    I may or may not (ha, I’m tricky, no?)have been a weed smoker since 1982, girlfriend is smoking a j and I love her all the more for it.

  29. I was hoping to be more convinced she was hitting on the stinky, but I’m left unconvinced. Seems fair enough to say that Norma J hit on something at some point, but whether or not it’s shown here is not a sure thing.

    I appreciate the perspective that cited the likelihood of the use of a rolling machine, and quality of pot in play for that era. The hanging smoke factor can’t be accounted for due to the quality of the image.

    One plausible scenario that would account for the passing around factor is the possibility that a few people craved a cigarette but there was only one left in the room. Another thing that’s key is the way she completely wraps her (ahem, gorgeous) lips around that thing without care that she might compact the contents or have her lips stick to the paper. One could argue it appears a little habitual in style, then she blows the smoke away from others.

    If she is toking the reef, she is also completely cool with a camera being aimed at her while doing so.

    Amazing how much there is to discern from such a simple act.

    1. “If she is toking the reef, she is also completely cool with a camera being aimed at her while doing so.”

      I’m fairly certain she never thought it would end up on the youtubes.

  30. You guys are being to made to look like fools. This is obviously a fake video. How could this video be real if it’s Hugo Chavez sitting to right of “Marilyn”?

  31. I don’t really see pot and tobacco as being significantly different, and don’t care what celebrities do, so colour me unconcerned.

  32. Anyone who says they have never seen a regular cigarette being passed around has never been in Boy Scouts, The military, a Girls School, or been to jail.

    I have seen it in all these cases.

  33. 1. We rolled fat ones like the one she’s smokin. Pot was much weaker back then.

    2. She’s not an experienced smoker by the way she just holds it and exhales quicky.

    3. She looks high and happy.

    4. For guys in our 50’s Marilyn is the beauty against which all others are judged. And no one’s come close since her.

  34. Doesn’t really look like she’s passing it around. However, she does receive it in the beginning and there are “missing” pieces throughout, maybe the camera was shut off and started back up or maybe someone clipped out the middle. I had spoken with someone who had used the “rolling machines” to roll both cigarettes and marijuana and they said that you still don’t get it that perfectly round even with the machine. Who cares what it is… after all that she had done and people still love her I’d say that smoking weed is the least of most of it. Plus she’s been dead nearly 50 years what are they going to do, arrest her?

  35. It’s a cigarette. You hold pot in — she’s not holding anything in. She’s smoking it like a cigarette.

  36. She’s smoking a cigarette and just switched the hand that was smoking it, I do it all the time, looks like she didn’t want to get smoke in anyones face.

  37. 1. The “cigarette in question” is nice and long and very uniform in shape. Obviously they were professional rollers if it was a marijuana cigarette.
    2. It doesn’t really show that she is passing it around it almost looked like she was switching hands to hold it with.
    3. The drag took about 2.80969 seconds, a pretty quick toke by my standards.
    4. The mind tends to believe what it considers to be true (Or wants to believe to fulfill its fantasy)
    5. Looks pretty innocent to me, I’m sure if it’s a marijuana cigarette, She’s more than likely to have a medicinal medical marijuana permit :)
    6. Have fun and do your part to support and legalize, medicinal marijuana.

    7. Don’t knock it till you have tried it. The close minded usually older people are such societal hypocrites bashing pot/THC/420/marijuana as they reach into there pill scheduler and pop a handful of pills to keep them going… and feeling good.

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