Combo mousetrap and cheese cutting board


The multi-talented Tom Parker (author of the Rules of Thumb series of books, and the "Make Money" columnist for MAKE) made this space-saving "devention" that combines a mousetrap and cheese cutting board.


  1. Okay, I appreciate the irony, but just the thought of a mouse even walking across the cheese board is enough to make me gag.

    1. I wish someone told that to the bastard mouse who ran off with a piece of mozzarella I turned my back on for less than five minutes. They seem to really dig chocolate, also.

  2. Cheesy mouse splatter: it’s what’s for dinner.

    Cheesy mouse splatter: just like Mom used to make.

    Cheesy mouse splatter: three words that should never occur together.

  3. I’m assuming the purpose of this device was satiric in intent because it certainly has no practical one.

  4. That’s a J A Henckels intro-level paring knife. I had one which I drunkenly ruined by trying to saber a bottle of wine with it (you can tell, not much thought went into this).

  5. I used to use Victory-style traps; the best bait seemed to be a little peanut butter or soft cheese in the hole of the trigger plate, but just a little so they gnaw on it, then the trap gets ’em right in the neck and you don’t have splatter, either. Maybe some bug-eyes. I’ve even gotten them with a take-out sweet and sour sauce squeezed in there.

    I am loving the repeater trap, made using a bucket, a piece of string or wire, a soda can, peanut butter and stick for ramp to the bucket lip. Fill the bucket 6-8″ deep with water (or soapy water). String the can long-axis, centered between the sides near the top of the bucket, put a ring of peanut butter around the can, place a ramp (flat wood scrap, stiff cardboard, etc.) up to the lip. They smell the bait, scuttle up the ramp, then try to jump on the can, ending up in the water. I haven’t seen it in action, just the results, I assume they do a quick lumberjack dance on the can before getting doused. Needless to say they cannot jump out and go to their watery graves.

  6. I think this is a great idea for keeping the pesky cheese thieves at bay. You know them, they always seem to hang around the kitchen with fingers ready to snatch the next slice while you are still cutting. Usually I just jab them with the knife, but then I have to stop and wash the knife…

  7. Has “the multi-talented Tom Parker” made anything recently that actually shows any trace of… uhhhh….. talent?

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