Astronaut-guided video tour of the International Space Station

Astronaut Michael Barratt (Expedition 20 Flight Engineer) walks you through the International Space Station in this 20-minute long HD video, which covers the entire 167 feet of the space station's pressurized modules.

Barratts' commentary describes to Mission Control in Houston how equipment and supplies are arranged and stored, and provides engineers with a detailed assessment of each module-to-module hatchway.
NASA ASTRONAUT LEADS TOUR OF SPACE STATION IN HD [YouTube, spotted on, via Jennifer Cisney]


  1. here’s the thing that is so fucking infuriating about this sort of tour, and it would be SO FUCKING EASY TO AVOID: the use of techy abbreviations. if the idea is to popularize space for kidz and newbies, then why not just extend the abbreviations into the meaningful phrases they represent? would it kill ya? only about 50 people in the world know what the hell you are talking about. what a waste!

    1. Techy abbreviations are what separate the educated from the entitled. I can only imagine the pain it must cause you to look anything up or otherwise educate yourself rather than complaining about no having the world spoon fed to you on your terms.

    2. I believe the video was made for the engineers at Mission Control in Houston, hence the shop-acronyms. I found that slightly annoying too, because it was such a cool thing to see and I wanted to understand.

    3. Simmer down, Francis. No one is paying any attention to them guys anyway. They can reduce the whole thing to abbreviations and save a lot of time. LOL

    4. @victorvodka, I agree but I suspect despite the Youtube nature of this video, it wasn’t taken for public consumption.

      @mdh, meantime, you’re a tool. Look up stuff? Really? REALLY?

  2. alright, just as an example i want to know what “CTB” stands for. Wikipedia is my friend. I get this:

    * California Testing Bureau, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies
    * “Catch the Bus”, a euphemism for committing suicide
    * Ceylon Transport Board, the nationalised passenger transport venture in Sri Lanka
    * Collegetown Bagels, a bagel shop in Ithaca, New York
    * Color temperature blue, in photography a specific color of light blue lighting gel useful for correcting incandescent light sources to sunlight
    * Conditional Turn-Based Battle System in gaming
    * Combat Trauma Bag by Recon Mountaineer LLC
    * Certified Transportation Broker in Third Party Logistics
    * Crash Thunder Buster, a finisher of professional wrestler, Jushin “Thunder” Liger
    * Citybus, a bus company in Hong Kong
    * Cadbury Trebor Bassetts
    * Chemical Time Bomb
    * Cholera toxin B Subunit
    * Cut Throat Business, a mission in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    * Chinese Treebank
    * Crowntail Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish

    Not a single mention of the International Space Station (or, as you prefer, ISS). Makes me want to FKS!

    1. OK, I change my parody proposal idea to a video-remix; This is so ripe for a video-remix in which someone erroneously subtitles all the acronyms. Better yet, re-dub the soundtrack so that the narrator uses well-know acronyms like WTF, etc.

  3. This is why the Robinsons brought three kids. All scientists and nobody to do chores makes for a messy saucer.

  4. Duct tape is like the force: it has a dark side and a light side and it holds the International Space Station together.

    Hatches looking fine, keep up the good work.

  5. I love how this is like being given a tour of an incredible historical site with an intense focus on door frames and cupboards.

  6. I love how they cleaned everything up shortly before the video was taken.

    Oh no! Company’s coming!

  7. It’s really sad that this video is so boring. I want to see more videos like the water sphere experiments, or better yet videos detailing the actual science they went out there to do.

  8. Some of the acronyms you can figure out, because he’s >>pointing the camera right at the labelled item<<: PBA, Portable Breathing Apparatus, et c.

  9. Come On!!! You gotta love astronauts!! There’s a guy skipping along in zero G, which is sort of all I want to see, and he’s giving us a 10 minute hatch porn… I feel all nerded.

  10. Wow, its kind of like living on a submarine that’s been filled with water.

    And I couldn’t help feeling like the astronauts were an afterthought in the design.

    Feng Shui Code Red!!!


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