Zombie song name-checks Boing Boing


4 Responses to “Zombie song name-checks Boing Boing”

  1. ClintonD says:

    Their name makes me think that they sing songs about Hellboy.

  2. roboroller says:

    A band that sings songs about Hellboy would be super righteous.

  3. GoldenRobotArmy says:

    Ok, fine. One song about Hellboy, coming up (although I don’t think we can top ‘red right hand’ by Nick Cave…) But for the record: we existed before the movie. We’re all fans of the comic, so you can understand our consternation when the second movie was announced: ‘Sweet! New Hellboy movie! ….DAMMIT! Now everyone is going to think we ripped them off!’

    Also, go get some free music (see link above).

  4. kyukyusha says:

    Aww man, I thought you meant a @ZombyLDN song.

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