Furniture made from reclaimed wine-barrels

Etsy seller Stil Novo Design makes beautiful furniture out of old wine-barrels. I remember visiting the Bushmill's distillery in N. Ireland and asking what they did with their barrels after they were finishing converting grain to ambrosia, and the tour-guide said, "Oh, a man from town turns them into rubbish bins." I was agog. I wanted to furnish my entire house with them!

Stil Novo Design (via Make)


  1. Gorgeous! I thought that would be a rather impractical coffee table, but then I saw it actually a seat :)

  2. By the headlines I was expecting some horrible new rich basement bar contraptions but it is actually brilliant design work. The prices are up there though and they should anticipate being pirated by many weekend cabinetmakers though.

  3. Beautiful stuff. I think the wife will be getting one of these.

    So Cory, where are your photos of the Giant’s Causeway?

  4. Irish and Scotch Whiskey are made in used barrels, usually bourbon these days but traditionally sherry or whine. As i understand it they use the barrels until they can’t hold liquid anymore. That said I dunno if the barrels from Bushmills would be stable enough for furniture making by the time they’re done with them.

  5. Unfortunately I think they must have just sold out of this stool. One second it appeared on their site, the next, not. This is the second time in a week I’ve tried to purchase something as a gift I find mentioned on BoingBoing. Earlier it was the ‘Tell Me A Story’ Cards that I wanted to get for my daughter. By the time I could place my order, they were sold out.

    BoingBoinged is the new Slashdotted?

  6. Not as stylish but the Vintage Redwood Company in Visalia, CA does reclaimed redwood furniture as well…..

    We had a trestle table custom made from them and have been very happy with it. It’s quite beautiful, and durable.

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