Garden Noam Chomsky

Featured in The Nation's charity auction, this Garden Noam Chomsky sculpture, of a run "probably limited to less than 100".

Gnome Chomsky the Garden Noam (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. I have to get one of these for my old Stratificational Linguistics professor, so he can put it in his yard and have people throw things at it.

  2. I got the Guardin’ Gnome achievement on L4D2 two weeks ago. While my mates were incapped, I ran Gnome Chomskey into the stadium, then successfully combated a hunter in the safe room for the touchdown. On advanced!

  3. I’m trying to find a way to bid on one of these but the sight won’t cough it up even in the search. Any help?

  4. Cory Doctorow has achieved Left 4 Dead 2: Guardin’ Gnome

    (the gnome for that achievement in Left 4 Dead 2, incidentally, is named Gnome Chompski)

      1. Imagine my horror trying to do it with a team of bots, before they patched the bot AI (when the bots would frequently take you being incapped as a cue to take a smoke break and let you die.

  5. OK, it’s a cute pun, though it doesn’t beat Nim Chimpsky.

    Happy cybernetic birthday, Noam, wherever you are.

    Their “Green Man” sculpture is a lot more tempting, for me. And, of course, significantly more costly and in limited production. Oh Well.

  6. Thanks for the laugh. I really enjoyed that. (Which is probably a sad commentary on my sense of humor.)

    Even though I’m not really a fan of Chomsky’s work (either in linguistics or in politics), I’m tempted to get one of these just for the pun value.

  7. Whoa, this is an Artist at my family’s gallery in Portland!! His name is Steve Herrington and is a very cool dude.

    If anyone is interested in making the dream of owning your very own Gnome Chomsky a reality please visit

    Under Artists/Steve Herrington!!

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