Just look at this awesome banana-peeling simulator.

Just look at it.

Dazzling Banana an electronic Banana peeler


  1. Cory, far be it from me to criticize what you choose to post on your own blog, and the various banana devices range from “actually that’s kinda cool” to “WHY?!!?!” Also the identical words except for the description of the bananoid doohickey make it seem like you’re doing some kind of art piece.

    All that said, however: are you quite all right?

    Or have you gone (wait for it) bananas?

  2. I bought one of those at a Yodobashi during my last trip to Japan. Ended up giving it to a friend. Also bought: electronic bubble wrap, rubber edamame and an electronic soda can top.

    The Japanese have a thing for “little satisfactions.”

  3. Oh, come on. We can all see where this is going. One day we’re going to come to the site and it’s going to be all yellow and renamed “Banana-Banana”. It doesn’t really have the same ring to it, you know.

  4. The identical word choice make it high comedy. I continue to find it funny.

    I’m interested to see how long I continue to find it funny. If I had a vote, it would be to keep going.

  5. I’m beginning to think these posts will continue until we really don’t comment, and “Just look at it.”

    So, is this Operant conditioning or Pavlovian?

      1. I’m thinking forced meme because:

        –“Just look at it” is simultaneously simple and rich with meaning.
        –The sexual innuendo is subtle enough to favor clever whimsy over coarse vulgarity.
        –“Just look at” is sufficiently meta to be a widely-applied meme.
        –A banana is an awesome meme vehicle.

        And I don’t mean “forced meme” in the cheesy astroturfy way. I’m fine with “pushed” meme or “favored meme candidate”.

  6. Bu-bu-bu-but I wanna peel it. The banana says ‘peron’. That’s banana-ese for ‘thank you for joyous peeling’.

  7. I, for one, welcome our smushy yellow overlords. I find the amount of banana related gadgetry to be very ap-peeling.

    Ho ho, I crack myself up.

  8. Do any of these products prove intelligent design, or is there secretly an evolving series of improvements to each design (as there was with Ray Comfort’s original attempt)?

  9. Admittedly this one does look far more useful that the half-eaten banana storage one. I mean I can see me playing with this. I’m never ever going to not finish a banana.

    1. Annoyingmouse – you mean you’ve never overestimated your ability at breakfast time to finish a banana?

  10. I came *this close* to buying the bubble-wrap keychain. But this “simulated banana peeling” makes me go “Why?”.

  11. Bah, you’ve all guessed wrong. This is the lead-in marketing for Cory’s new Bananapunk YA book that’s coming out in 2010.

  12. Cory: I’m with Tavie@~9. Keep slipping in the banana gizmos. Soon we will have enough to form our own banana republic!

  13. Do I _gotta_ look?

    Bannana, bah!
    (just peel and eat it)
    Bannana, bah!
    (please let it be)
    Bannana, bah!
    (or go and toast it, or roast it,
    don’t post it on your blog for all to see)

    — to the tune of Mah na mah na, of course

  14. It’s so banana-licious of a meme that it’s not even forced anymore! Watch: in a few days, this will be all over the Interweb…

  15. Walter,

    It’s for mock peeling a mock banana. “This crazy contraption actually simulates peeling a banana, it has a built in speaker which makes the experience more realistic.

    Ever seen the bubblewrap keychain?

    1. But. But. But. How? I can’t get my head round this. Is there an apple-coring simulator? Fighting robots, ok, that’s fun, but – what does this do for people? Except, obviously, intrigue them. I’m intrigued.

      And I tell you what else – I can’t find another banana gadget on Google that Cory hasn’t mentioned – so the next one, I really, really am going to be surprised!

  16. There’s a fruit store on our street
    It’s run by a Greek
    And he keeps good things to eat But you should hear him speak!
    When you ask him anything, he never answers “no”
    He just “yes”es you to death, and as he takes your dough
    He tells you
    “Yes, we have no bananas
    We have-a no bananas today!”

    Let us pray.

  17. So in Japan, the sound produced by peeling a banana is something like “pay-roan”. Interesting. I don’t hear much of anything when I peel a banana.

  18. >>So in Japan, the sound produced by peeling a banana is something like “pay-roan”.

    No, its more like “Peron”, as in Eva. The wife of one of the past presidents of Argentina. Argentina, while previously being a banana republic, is currently renowned for its banana production in its northwestern areas.

  19. Make it stop, Cory, please. I get it, I really do, we’ve shown those creationist that man has shaped the banana to his very will. We’ve manipulated it, caged it, sliced it, diced it, and created a simulacra of it that will never darken, or rot, or return to the earth from whence it came.

    But in the words of known bananaphile Gwen Stefani, “This shhh is bananas, bee ay en ay en ay ess”

  20. I think the banana series is great. I’m so sick and tired of STAR WARS and NOM NOM NOM and EMO and all that stupid repetitious trash. Seeing the world as reality may be a shock to many readers and other bloggers, but it is wonderful to see how creative people and things are right in our midst, not a billion light years from now.

    PS Some people think putting a banana in the fridge can make it poisonous. Not true. There are also like 200 different kinds of bananas from ones smaller than a pinkie to ones as long as the forearm. How about putting a bananafacts entry for your next “issue” of boingboing?

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