Water Bears rock out


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great band, great song, fun Video Steve! I can only imagine what you could do with this now that you have that training under your belt. Not the red hot or the ice cold….can destroy the waterbear!

  2. Cigarsam says:

    I have been famaliar with this band since the late 90′s. They have festivals at the beginning and end of every summer called “Hookahville” just outside of Columbus, Ohio. Always a HELLUVA good time.
    (Not to mention an annual set of shows in Negril, Jamaica. I never was able to make it there though. *sob*)
    Sadly the bassist, Cliff, just announced a couple of weeks ago that he is leaving the band. SDTL Cliffy!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Water bears are cute, but electron microscope photos are a little creepy. I could do with more footage of live creatures, instead of photographs of posed corpses. They’re big enough not to need them!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like the music in “Tardigrades walking with theme music” here better. It doesn’t rock so hard, but it seems so fitting for the little buggers.

  5. Uncle Geo says:

    Tardigrades make the grade!

  6. Darwindr says:

    Get out of my head! I was just researching tardigrade crybiosis for an interview. Did you know they can survive temps as low as -273 degrees C? That’s 0.15 degrees above absolute zero! Rock on (frozen) water bears.

    • trr says:

      They can survive at 0.15K? How about at 0.14K? Hard to believe. They must not have much water in them to be able to do that, despite their name.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Water bear” is because they live in water. They do have a normal amount of water in them, but if you punted a normal water bear into space, I’m pretty sure it would die in short order. It’s their special inactive stages that are so durable.

  7. Uncle Geo says:

    I thought everyone knew that.

  8. xtopher42 says:

    Nice, but I prefer the mouth-noises Acapulco version, “I wish I were a waterbear” by Mal Webb

    Youtube video and track is here:

  9. Modusoperandi says:

    They’re nature’s tiniest beanbag chair.

  10. devophill says:

    More like Water Bears jam out, amirite?

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