iPhone dummies for $19.95


iphonedummy.net sells just one thing: iPhone dummies for $19.95 (free shipping). Here's a video of some guys who superglued an iPhone dummy to the sidewalk in front of the new Wired retail store in NYC.

iPhone dummies for sale


  1. That prank is really funny, but isn’t that defacement of public property? You could never get the Krazy Glue off the sidewalk. Perhaps some of you Graffiti Haters could chime in here..

  2. It’s actually shot outside the Apple store. The Wired Store thing at the beginning seems like a bit of a nonsequitur… someone stole someone’s iPhone so they decided to play this joke? It’s not quite clear.

    So, other than silly pranks like that, what purpose exactly do dummy iPhones serve?

  3. A decade or two ago, fake cell phones were popular in cars (back when they were a rare and prestigious (or pretentious) item, and about the size of a brick).

    There were news reports of people having their cars broken into, and when the thief found the phone was a fake, they vented their anger by smashing the windows.

  4. It has almost all the features of an actual iPhone for a fraction of the price. Who’s the dummy now?

  5. We received some dummy phones last year (not iphone). I saw about 100-200 in a box. They were display samples to be placed in the stores. Looks like the real product, and has the heft of a real phone. They definitely don’t cost US$20. We got them free from the supplier of the real thing, but I’m guessing the probably cost about US$1 to make.

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