Maker Faire UK, Newcastle, Mar 13-14

Josette sez,
Maker Faire Newcastle 2010, the family focused creative craft and science show will return to the city as the headline event of Newcastle ScienceFest where the self-styled Makers will be showing off their weird and wonderful creations.

Maker Faire Newcastle 2010 will feature dancing robots and mechanical curiosities, making this a perfect weekend outing for all the family. Visitors will be able to take part in Power Tool Drag Racing (think belt-sanders meets F1) or take on Rubot II - the world's fastest Rubik's cube solving. There will be family workshops whih will explain how the mathematicians and engineers behind the Bloodhound SSC project plan to build a car capable of 1,000 miles per hour.

The emphasis is on learning about science and technology in a fun way. Visitors will be invited to sign up for workshops to learn how to creat their own projects. A hardware hacking area will teach people how to solder, younger visitors can make 3D glasses to watch a 3D dinosaur moveie, or even make bath bombs for Mother's Day. Visitors will also be treated to a sound and light installation of giant lightbulbs totalling 64,000 watts, highlighting the invention of the lightbulb by Joseph Wilson Swan in Newcastle.

Maker Faire Newcastle will take place at the Centre for Life, and Discovery Museum on March 13th-14th.

Maker Faire, Newcastle - March 13-14, 2010 (Thanks, Josette!)