Please release me: Clash of Heroes, Continuity and ghost-racing Hook Champs


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, no, not everyone has to acknowledge World of Warcraft. There are sites dedicated to WoW and MMO coverage, and the people who play WoW are probably well aware of its importance. The people who DON’T play WoW don’t care about the 100th raid dungeon filled with another set of epic loot that is more epic than the last. If there’s some shocking new revelation about WoW, or something actually noteworthy within the greater context of MMO’s, gaming, and online social interactions as a whole, then sure, cover it, but status quo content updates don’t qualify, in my book.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re a WoW player, wispsmoke, so tell me this: Do you just want this site to acknowledge your game of choice just so you can feel validated or something? Or do you actually feel like there’s a legitimate reason people who don’t play WoW should be made aware of these things?

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you haven’t tried it, give Savage 2 a go. A unique multiplayer game mixing FPS and RTS. It is free to play (PC, Mac, Linux), $10 for a prime account.

    S2 games is also doing Heroes of Newerth, a DOTA type game. I’m sure boingboing readers would have interest in these.

    Don’t post this as it is merely a suggestion, not a comment. I am not affiliated with the game other than being a player hoping the game continues to grow.

  3. franko says:

    “lull in big-name holiday releases”??
    no mention of yesterday’s patch 3.3 drop for warcraft? the last patch before the next expansion, and the finale to the long-running saga of the lich king? c’est incroyable!

    • wispsmoke says:

      I know it’s played by millions, and that patch was probably anticipated with bated breath (and a few near-asphyxiations), but, I mean, IT’S A PATCH. These games above are full games, or games from indie devs that need the attention. It’s all right with me that BB isn’t all WoW, all the time.

      • franko says:

        it may be called a “patch”, wispsmoke, but with 5 new dungeons + the lich king himself (each with two different levels of difficulty), plus all the other new content, it rivals entire other games. you can’t ignore it just because it’s warcraft — it’s the gorilla everyone has to acknowledge. and it doesn’t have just “millions” of players, it’s ELEVEN million. any release that comes out for it is big, big news.

        i can only think of a handful of warcraft stories that BB has posted about warcraft in the past year, so i don’t think there’s any danger of it becoming all WoW all the time, either.

  4. Rob says:

    Next week’s Spirit Tracks? It’s everywhere but Japan this week.

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