Robot dance competition

Here's a competitor in the 6th Robo-One Gate dance competition, held in Tokyo in November 2009. I wonder if the rules require the robots to look like scary cyborg schoolgirls?


  1. OK, she was right in my Uncanny Valley, I have to say.

    But the thought that was in my mind the entire time was “this videographer is a fucking IDIOT.” For those of you who don’t understand why: when someone is dancing, you need to see their entire body all the time. Even sometimes when “her” feet were moving, this idiot stuck to upper body shots. Fucking idiot.

  2. I, for one, in fact, welcome our scary robotic schoolgirl overlords. I would love it if they took over all beauty and talent competition duties from human women, and freed women from being judged so tediously and unrelentingly by men and society.

  3. Why didn’t they finish fleshing out the body? It’s all sorts of creepy. Not to mention this robot isn’t dancing much. & yeah, I would of liked to see a little feet work in the vid. I wish not to see scary robot schoolgirl overloads. O_O

  4. Way to pick the worst example… I was looking through the related videos on youtube and there is an adorable little breakdancer or a dog puppet that does adorable shuffling steps. Pretty neat when you see a good example, not that horrifying bit above.

  5. Yeah I’m watching some of the other vids & almost every robot seems to be better than this one.

      1. It’s not that funny. I selected this one to share with people when I first saw it, too. For the creepy factor alone.

  6. Oh, that’s brilliant. A video of a robot dancing, and throughout most of the video the legs are out of frame. Uh… hello? Dancing? Legs? Feet? Does anyone know what dancing is?

  7. Soooo….. After clicking thru on my icontraption, I now realize this is not a competition between (vaguely) porny asian schoolgirls doing THE Robot. Amazing, but kinda hard to live up to my (apparently) unrealized expectations. Sigh…
    Also, banana chasers all around. Cheers.

  8. Youtube comment repeated for greatness:

    THIS IS A FAKE. That girl is not real and should be DQ’d from the CONTEST! MY Daughter was DQ’d from pageant for smoking and thats not NEARLY AS BAD AS BEING FAKE! Children can make there own CHOICES IF THEY ARE REAL LOL. CHeck UR FACTS!

  9. “I wonder if the rules require the robots to look like scary cyborg schoolgirls? ”

    Since this took place in Japan, yes. That’s the 4th Law of Japanese Robotics.

  10. Wow, now that I’ve seen the real thing I’ve realized that dancing the robot is so much easier than I always thought it was…

  11. You can almost see the announcer-lady in the background die a little inside, as she contemplates being reduced to MC’ing a robot dance competition…

  12. I don’t find this all that impressive. Her dancing was a bit stiff and jerky. Almost…ooh, what’s the word I’m looking for here? Robotic? No, that’s not right. Arthritic! That’s it. And I don’t know if she was drunk or what, but her dad had to keep her from falling over on the stage a couple of times.

    As for her song selection, she should have chosen a DEVO song or something. That would have worked better. And maybe stretch a little before her performance. And lay off the cough syrup before the show.

    I give her a 3.4 out of 10.

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