Wasp sculpture from junk mechanical parts

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This gorgeous wasp sculpture, c.1980s by artist S. Allen, is for sale at Seattle's Great Stuff shop. It's 24" (h) x 34" (d) x 38" (w). The price is $4,500. "Centered around an industrial light bulb and hundreds of typewriter and printer parts, car door handles, sprockets and springs all assembled with fine-gauge wire; wings made from reclaimed 1/8" acrylic sheeting." Wasp Sculpture (Thanks, Michael-Anne Rauback!)


  1. This makes me want to go buy up all the VCRs at goodwill and make my own mechanical cuthulu sculpture from them

  2. Install a processor and RC servos and we might have a very large privacy problem. But at 24″, we could see it coming easily enough.

  3. I take this opportunity to congratulate the artist for such a nice sculpture out of scrape.The best part out of the assemblage is that the ” Wasp Sculpture ” resembles the wasp on a very large scale.

    Well done! Bravo! Keep it up.

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