Goldman Sachs bankers aren't going armed after all

A couple weeks ago, I blogged a Bloomberg column by Alice Schroeder that alleged that Goldman Sachs bankers were buying handguns to protect themselves from peasant uprisings. The Wall Street Journal has investigated the claim, and they think it's bogus:
New York police spokesman Paul J. Browne says that their records show only four Goldman employees have applied for gun permits in recent years -- and the last application was made in 2003. That application, by the firm's head of security for a "carry permit", was granted. The only other employee granted a NYPD carry permit" is a building security guard. It was issued prior to 2003, said a police spokesman. Those applying for a permit must list their employer.

Two Goldman employees have residential permits, allowing them to have guns in their homes. The last of these permits was issued in 2001, Browne said. One of the permits was issued to a trader and the other was given to a graphic designer.

"We haven't seen a surge of applications of any kind for Goldman Sachs employees," said Browne.

Are Goldman Sachs Bankers Really Carrying Guns? (Thanks, Waldo!)


  1. The biggest lie of the Capitalist is how he is against socialism and welfare.

    They don’t want “Socialism” ’cause “Commie” concepts like living wages, safe workplaces, the 8 hour day cut into the profit margin.

    They don’t want “Socialism” in the form of public education, healthcare, etc. Those take tax money..

    They don’t want “Big Brother” community participation, such as jobs and community improvement programs.

    But they are the worst of “Welfare Parasites” and “Communists” when it comes to demanding the government ignore it’s laws on them, to grant them tax breaks and subsidies for moving jobs overseas, for having the products coming back not tariffed, for being able to operate a dozen stores at a loss in as many cities to drive out competition but not face “Monopoly” laws…

    And, they want a “Welfare State”, the “Prison Industrial Complex”. A lot of poor uneducated people can be exploited to work for low wages and then when they lash back, they get enslaved and work in prison factories for even less. They don’t want cops keeping cities crime free, or taxed by them, so the cops have to ignore crime and ticket the few people with jobs left. But they sure want protection against people robbing them.

    These guys are arrogant they can stay in their mansions and even if the whole cities erupt in food riots and revolts they can sit back and work on calling themselves, “Princes, dukes and Kings” while the police and army put it down.

    1. ’twas ever thus, ’twill ever be, until the machines take over.

      Even 20th century communism survived maximum 70 years, and that under the oppressive state mechanisms that made it possible.

      That said, 100% Palinesque Capitalism is for the birds. Let’s all meet in the middle.

      As for Goldmans people – do you think you get to be a GS person with personality traits like “I’ll leave a paper trail showing I buy handguns?” Nah. Smarter than that.

      But the one thing that has impressed me is the new statement: they’re not getting cash bonuses. Might or might not be good, but there it is.

        1. To answer Moriarty’s question, “Palinesque capitalism” is a belief system built on “fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope, and nice red uniforms.” Oh wait … that was the Spanish Inquisition. My bad.

  2. Just curious….but is it legal for the NYPD to release that information? There are no names attached, but it does seems a little sketchy.

    What if someone was thinking of robbing a particular convenience store and requested information on the carry permits for its employees? Pretty d*mn unlikely, still . . . I feel the police should have that information, but should anyone else have access to it?

    1. Aaron:

      It’s kind of a moot point. It’s effectively impossible for a convenience store to have a legal firearm on the premises in NYC in the first place.

      A quick Google News search will suggest whether it’s the robbers or the gas station attendants who have guns.


      Not to say that I’m not a bit concerned about how the NYPD keeps this info handy. . .

      Rather my point when this was first blogged. . . Four minutes Googling NYC gun regs would have shown that this rumor was preposterous.

  3. If the bankers feel threatened enough to purchase handguns, they won’t bother with silly things like laws. They won’t get a permit, because they already think of themselves as above the law. On top of that, they can pay a pittance wage to someone who will be their bodyguard.

  4. Does New York recognize gun permits from any other states? Maybe they get a permit from another state?

    (But really, I suspect the original story is pure BS.)

  5. No, NYC has no reciprocity with any other states—if you don’t have a NYC pistol permit, you can’t carry in NYC. Also, no neighboring state requires the statement of character that was claimed in the Bloomberg story. And, as a reminder, author Alice Schroeder’s sole source for this story was a friend of a friend of a friend.

    I can see why Schroeder isn’t answering queries from the NYPD, the WSJ, or Boing Boing—there’s really no explanation for journalism that’s this poor other than “I’m not a competent journalist.”

  6. Actually, this is typical Cory. I think Boing Boing should be required to list retractions, corrections, and clarifications prominently on the front page.

    1. Dude,

      There is no front page. A correction attached to the original post is like burying it in the litter box. A fresh post about it is the closest thing to front-paging it that a busy blog can provide.

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