Steampunk pewter coat-buttons cast from old watches

eBay seller Treasure Cast makes pewter coat-buttons cast from the guts of old mechanical watches, a lovely idea.

SteamPunk Buttons - FIVE Steampunk Watch Buttons 1066 (Thanks, Liz!)


  1. I always thought this kind of thing was considered *clockwork* rather than steampunk. Nevertheless, they probably look quite handsome on a nice brocade waistcoat.

      1. I’m not the seller, just a previous buyer. Check out their eBay store and send them a message through there. They have a bunch of other items, too.

    1. Chentzilla,

      Yep, the watch-guts (the positive) are used to form a mold in some viscous-but-settable material (the negative), which then has metal poured into it to get the button above (the new positive).

      /That is all presumption, but it is how casting/molding works generally, so likely is close to correct.

  2. Okay, those *are* pretty. And a cast is much less fussy (snaggy, fluffgathering, fallaparty) than actual watch guts. Nice one!

  3. That’s a relief – from the post title I thought they were made by melting down old watches and turning them into buttons. That would be an anti-steampunk move.

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