Fun Biz Markie commercial for TuneUp

I've always gotten a kick out of Biz Markie. He reminds me of a cartoon character. That's why he's such a great fit on Yo Gabba Gabba! where he does the "Biz's Beat Of The Day" segments! I was delighted when my pal Gabe Adiv got Biz to star in a commercial for his start-up TuneUp Media, the service I've posted about before that cleans up digital music libraries. Apparently, Biz is a big fan of TuneUp and DJ'd at their launch party, so he was game to act endearingly ridiculous in the commercial. Co-starring is Andy Milonakis who used to have a show on MTV. Gabe said he met Andy at a card table in Vegas a couple years ago and they hit it off, so Gabe called him last minute to see if he would be in the commercial too. I love the way it came out.


  1. Gabe Adiv here, CEO of TuneUp. Glad you like the spot and thanks for posting!

    As we’re all huge fans of BB, we’ve created a 15% off discount code for the Gold Version of TuneUp. Just enter BIZBOING at checkout.

    If any of you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about TuneUp, feel free to contact me directly at gabeATtuneupmediaDOTcom

  2. “Co-starring is Andy Milonakis who used to have a show on MTV.”

    Heh, love that guy. I know him from Tom Green’s online show, he was a regular (maybe still is, haven’t watched in a year). He was usually baked. They did a great ‘banana’ video together that BB should dig up. Or you could just look at it.

  3. I dunno– TuneUp seems to create as many problems in my collection as it fixes, and often gets kinda wonky or hangs when doing it’s “magic”. Plus, being a fan of odd music, I’ve got a lot of things its never going to find covers for– no prob, if it would just quit telling me about them over and over! I mean, no kidding? My kid singing the ABC’s can’t be found?! And oh yeah– gotta love the mix-ups. Finding a Garbage album cover for a Carpenters song? That SORTA makes sense, if you’re cynical…

    1. +1 for a good multicodec(mp3/flac/ogg/wmv/etc.) tagger for people who don’t toss the salad, er, I mean use iTunes.
      Freedb, discogs, and allmusic only go so far, and scrapers for amazon and other sites hardly ever work right. It seems that we’re still stuck in “if you want something done right, you gotta do it yerself.”

  4. @Day Vexx – This really shouldn’t have happened. Not sure when the last time you tried us was, but we’ve made a number of significant performance enhancements in the past few months. Want to get these issues resolved for you – feel free to contact me at gabeATtuneupmediaDOTcom.

    @grizlybexar – Currently we’re only compatible with iTunes but will be expanding to other players in the very near future.

  5. Got to see Biz at YGG Live in Chicago last weekend. The place went nuts. I’m with Blast on this, Musicbrainz works well.

  6. Ditto in looking for something that doesn’t use iTunes…funny thing in an online story on E-week today, iTunes Updates made their list of Tech Disasters for the year 2009…

  7. TuneUp is one of the only programs i have paid money for in years, and the only one i didnt regret buying. It is the only thing that makes itunes bearable.

  8. I think I’ll bookmark this link to show to software CEOs. The PR and marketing this represents is so smart. Funny ad. Linked to personal message in comments for a BB discount. Then when someone complains he takes steps to make sure they are satisfied. He also thanks the person who likes it.
    If I listened to music with iTunes and had this problem I’d buy from this company for all the above reasons.
    The other company whose software I buy that is this good about connecting to customers is thornsoft the makers of Clipmate. Brilliant product, it’s like a database for your cutting and pasting. I know it’s hard when a company gets big to stay connected but kudos to Gabe.

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