Flying Spaghetti Monster holiday treats

Castewar sez, "A clever chap named Joel turned a batch of holiday cookie treats into a yummy celebration of all things spagehetti-y and monstery. Drool."

Flying Spaghetti Monster holiday treats! (Thanks, Castewar!)


  1. Yummy.

    A home in a suburb that I drive through regularly displays a huge Christmas-light Flying Spaghetti Monster on its second-floor facade. It’s quite lovely, and entertaining.

  2. ^^ was going to post the very same link. Good idea, but already done (nearly 2 years ago) … yeah, credit where credit’s due. Gah….

  3. I call bullcuss. I made these last night. Those googly eyes in no way count as edible. One you chew them up you have a small sharp plastic-like chunk of gelatin in your mouth. I nearly choked on it. The caps simply don’t dissolve fast enough.

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