Transformers-themed customized car in Guatemala


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to see a car with one of those heat sensitive stickers like Transformers when I was a kid!!!

  2. Spekkio says:

    Hmph. This is nothing. In addition to GM offering the Camaro with an “Autobot package” (not quite the same paint color as Bumblebee, but it’s close), there have been Peterbilt 379s redone to look like TFTM07 Optimus Prime and sold on eBay. A company was taking GMC Topkicks and producing TFTM07 Ironhides for sale, too. Someone (Jalopnik?) had a gallery of Chinese cars made up to look like movie Bumblebee, including Chevrolet Cruzes and others.

  3. coaxial says:

    Despite what Michael Bay(splosion!) wants us think, Autobots are cars! Decipticons aren’t! (And yes, I am well aware of the Aerialbots and the Constructicons and Stunticons. I prefer to cherry pick my knowledge of G1 Transfromers — The One True Generation of Transformers)

  4. masomenos says:

    Biggest mod I ever saw during 5 weeks in Xela was a gym sticker…

  5. joeyjoeyjoey says:

    The Autobot/Deception car clubs have been around prior to Mr. Bay’s interpretation of the robotic franchise. I believe it was around the mid nineties when I saw cars with these logos at car shows up and down the coast of California.

  6. Destin says:

    So, everything on his car is evil except the gas tank? Must be a hybrid.

    Anyway, that pales in comparison to the awesome full-body homage to the 1984 Autobot “Trailbreaker” I spotted on Ludlow St. in NYC about four years ago:
    And the original toy:

  7. jsbarrie says:

    I was amazed on my last dash through Guatemala when I twice saw cars with fake Prius logos.

  8. pyrotmaniac says:

    Ha Ha in Columbus, Ohio in the early nineties, all the transvestites had Decepticon stickers and tattoos. It was kinda an in joke within the community. fast forward ten years and I’m in the army. I see kids with the tattoo. All I do is smile.

  9. scifijazznik says:

    less than meets the eye…

  10. Lobster says:

    Wow. He must get a whooooole lot of… umm… “tail” with that ride. ;)

  11. Marshall says:

    There’s a trucker at the Port of LA with an Optimus Prime themed truck. My roommate keeps taking blurry pictures of it, but one day hell get it in its full glory.

    Growing up in the South Bay in Los Angeles, there have always been a few “Transformers fetish” Gardena racers buzzing about.

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